What Run Oregon is Wearing: Brooks Revel

The Brooks Revel in Black / Anthracite / Primer Grey


The shoe designers at Brooks must have included some metaphysical elements in their new Revel running shoes, because my feet instantly felt more comfortable in them than in bare socks alone. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but my feet felt right at home as soon as I put on the Revels, like they had settled into a favorite recliner after a long day at work. The fit, construction, materials, and cushioning all contributed to a luxurious yet unobtrusive sensation. The Revels combine a wide forefoot and light, pliable upper material with a firmer and snugger heel to gently cradle the foot, allowing movement at the front of the foot while holding the heel in place. A soft and generously cushioned liner around the ankle nicely offsets the rigidity of the heel material. There are no hotspots or noticeable areas of pressure or friction, just a great fit and plush support.

The “DNA” cushioning in the midsole also provides a nice blend of bounce, support, and propulsion, creating a very comfortable and secure “ride”. A nicely padded tongue and round, soft laces add to the comfort level. The Revel falls into the “cushion” and “neutral support” categories, though, and there is not a lot of motion control technology built in, so they may not be the best choice for severe over-pronators. They are designed for runners with medium to high arches, and feature a 12mm midsole drop. The shoes are medium weight (10.3 ounces) but the overall comfort and responsive midsole makes them seem lighter during a run. They felt broken in from my first run, and several training runs later I can tell they will be among my favorite shoes. I even ran a race involving trivia questions in them, and based on my 67% success rate, the Revels seem to improve one’s intelligence too! The lightness and flexibility of the forefoot material make it seem a little vulnerable to wear and tear and strain, though, so you may want to avoid taking sharp corners or making quick lateral moves in them.

I noticed a scraping sound coming from one shoe during a run, and it turned out to be a small piece of gravel stuck in a gap in the sole, so be aware of the possibility of picking up small rocks. But that goes with the territory for any shoe without completely smooth soles. My Revels are a subtle black and gray (“Black / Anthracite / Primer Grey” to be precise) with white midsoles, so more classy than flashy, but they are also available in more showy (and wildly named) hues like “Methyl Blue / Lime Popsicle / Black” and “Toreador / Tawny Port / Black”. The new Brooks Revel is simply a great pair of shoes, extremely comfortable, well made, and nicely designed. Your feet will thank you (as soon as they stop sighing in contentment).

Company: Brooks

Product: Men’s Revel running shoes

Price: $100


“This brand new style blends street-ready looks and performance running in one sweet shoe. With its knit upper and soft cushioning, the Revel is ready for just about anything.

The flat-knit upper’s sleek silhouette delivers a look and feel that works beyond your run.

The shoe’s internal bootie is designed to surround your foot in all-day comfort.

BioMoGo DNA midsole dynamically adapts to your stride for just-right softness underfoot.”


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