Race Preview: Seattle Tough Mudder

There are all sorts of reasons to branch out with events. It helps prevent burnout, it’s good for the body and it helps you grow as a person. Speaking from experience, it’s hard to prevent burnout when you just run. You can change your distance, your terrain and your events, but it’s still hard to prevent the occasional rut when running is your sole source of exercise. Varying your events is good for your body, adding variety is good for your brain and better for your muscles. I love to run, but I won’t deny the mileage can take a toll on your body. Adding variety is good for the muscles, whether it’s with a triathlon, an obstacle course or other multi-sport event, it’s ideal to incorporate more muscle activation. Running is great and anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan, but you can’t just run. New events challenge you as a person, take you out of your comfort zone and make you feel alive.

With that said, I’m going way out of my comfort zone this season with my first serious obstacle course. I’ve done some obstacle courses, run marathons and finished a 140.6 triathlon, but I’ve never participated in a Tough Mudder event. That will change on Sunday, September 17th, when I tackle 10 miles with 20+ obstacles at the Seattle Tough Mudder Full. Their website asks this question, ‘Tough is Calling. How will you answer? Tough Mudder is no ordinary mud run – it’s an experience. An escape from the everyday. At Tough Mudder, you won’t just face your fears – you’ll knock them down. You’ll go over, around, and through them. You’ll test your strength, stamina, and grit, and you’ll help the Mudders around you to do the same.’

Held at Palmer Coking Coal Company, just 45 minutes outside of Seattle, the terrain includes all sorts of challenges with wooded areas, gravel pits and trenches of cold, dark mud. Plenty of muck and obstacles for everyone, the half offers a 5-mile course, without the ice and electricity. I won’t lie, that option sounds ideal, but I’m still sticking with the full.  The full offers 10 miles of obstacles and black coal infused mud to traverse. They’ve warned that it’s especially chilly at this location, which gives me more reason to hustle through. Registration includes a headband, finisher performance t-shirt, beer at the finish line and insurance. Waves fill up fast. Make sure to sign up for early Saturday if you’re looking for fresh mud. New this year, participants 14 and older can join in the adrenaline rush.

There are tons of different options when registering. You can opt for the competitive wave, an extra $20 upgrade and the first wave on Saturday morning. You can make it a little mini family vacation with a family package. A family package offers two mini-mudder tickets and two spectator tickets. You can opt to have your team run it for a charity, they have a list of over 100 charity options to choose from.  Make a weekend getaway out of it with friends, like I am. My girlfriend and I are excited for an obstacle course challenge and we’re hoping our husbands will get there too. Either way, the next couple of months should be fun with training and Tough Mudder preparation. Find a team, form your own or just go try it solo, Tough Mudder welcomes everyone. They also offer a discount for anyone registering for 3 or more, perfect for the adrenaline junkie. I’m going to start out with a single, but I’ve heard these are addictive. We’ll see on September 17th. Whether or not I become a Tough Mudder addict, I know it will be a fun and dirty challenge. Register before July 13th for a 25% discount (HOT25) and contact us at the Run Oregon Blog if you’re looking for a team. Like running events, the more the merrier and we welcome running friends to join our team.



Tough Mudder Half $105
Tough Mudder Full $179



Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th



Palmer Coking Coal Company
31407 Highway 169
Black Diamond, WA 98010

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