Race Preview: Inaugural Angry Owl Ultramarathons (Salem)

Being a part of an inaugural event is always a cool thing, especially when it’s so new that it is the first distance EVER within a city’s limits. The Angry Owl Ultramarathons (put on by new race company Crusty Cap Footraces) is the first of its kind in Salem, with a multitude of time durations to attract runners of all skill levels. The race gets its name from a series of owl attacks that occurred in the park back in 2015 and gained national recognition when Rachel Maddow featured it on her show.

Instead of being a certain distance, this race is measured by time – 12 hours, 6 hours, or 1 hour. Runners will complete a one-mile loop within the park as many times as they can within their desired timeslot. There will be one aid station (that will be passed each lap) that will have a variety of different refueling options, from water and electrolytes to fruits and snacks. Feel free to bring your own options and leave them near the table as well. Here’s the description of the course:

The course is just over a mile round trip. It’s lowest point is at 157 feet elevation and maxes out at 170 feet. The loop has a combination of hard packed dirt, well-maintained non-technical trail, grass, packed gravel, and a bit of asphalt. You will run on the derby track, past the stadium, through a wooded area next to Mill Creek, around a softball field, and back around the stadium. It will be well marked, and you will surely get the hang of it after a few loops.

I have personally run this park numerous times and it’s pretty dang flat. The majority of the SE portion of the route will be flat with an extremely gradual downhill, and the final stretch back to the start/finish is the only slight climb on the course. While it will likely be warm, a lot of the course will be under giant shade trees, so there will be some reprieve from the sun. Still be prepared though!

Participants will receive a custom event cap and awards will be given out after the 6pm finish.

Use code “SALEMSULTRA” for 15% off registration.

Angry Owl Ultramarathons (Salem)

When: July 30, 2017

  • 6am for 12-hour
  • 6am or 12pm for 6-hour
  • 6am for 1-hour

Where: Bush’s Pasture Park

Register: Online here; $115 for 12-hour, $75 for 6-hour, $30 for 1-hour

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