Small Race Recap: 2017 Go Granary 5K

On June 10th, 2017, the Go Granary 5K came to Granary District in McMinnville, just north of the downtown area. This inaugural small 5K was being put onto benefit the Sherwood Japanese School and attracted approximately forty participants. It is imporant to go into “fun runs” with an open mind, as many/most are local fundraisers (as this one was), as well as on unclosed courses (again, as was this one). Runners traversed roads on the west side of town, a not uncommon area to run given open spaces, rural roads, and minmial traffic. Local runner Tricia K. attended and gave a short interview with me regarding the experience.

BB. How long ago was your last race?

TK. My first race was a cross country 3k about fifteen years ago! This was my first 5K and first road race.

BB. What was the most surprising aspect of the event for you?

TK. That despite my lack of racing prowess, I was able to keep pace with someone and even pass them at the end! The drummers performing before the race were awesome as well.

BB. What did you think of the course?

TK. It was ok, other than having to stop for traffic (editor’s note – crossing Lafayette Street at the stoplight on Riverside is definitely a downfall for any McMinnville course that crosses over to the east side. Sometimes people get lucky and hit the light right, but it can bea momentum killer if not!).  It was a pretty straightforward and flat course except for entering and exiting Joe Dancer Park.

BB. How did you feel at the starting line, in comparison to the mood of those around you?

TK. I felt pretty good at the start. It was definitely quiet initially, given the small amount of runners, but there was a calm energy nonetheless

BB. Were the prerace processes relatively straight forward?

TK. Packet pick-up was new to me, but I thought it wen’t pretty quickly.

BB. What was your favorite memory from the race?

TK. My favorite part was crossing over the train tracks about 2/3 of the way through the race. Considering that this put me past my previous 3k distances, I felt elated and found my happy place. Everything flowed from there on out!

BB. Would you return to this event next year?

TK. While this race is in my hometown, and it supports a great cause, waiting at stoplights along the course make it hard to want to run this exact course again.  That being said, this is a great fun run to support a great cause, and is perfect for beginners and those not looking for all the bells and whistles of the bigger races.

Being a fundraiser for the Sheridan Japanese School, this first year fun run was a good reason to run around town while helping the school.  It was a smaller crowd, typical for a first year event in this area and due to its prime location and good cause, I would expect it to grow, especially if the course can be slightly altered to avoid major crossings. This is a very good thing because we don’t have many runs to choose from around here.

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