Small Independence Day Race Preview: Stanfield Fourth of July 5k Fun Run (ONLY $10!)

I love “runsploring”. I have been afforded the opportunity to travel much of the state, and some of my favorite running memories are the 40-60 minutes I put in exploring new towns and trails on my lunch breaks. When I saw the Stanfield Fourth of July 5k Fun Run on our calendar, I had a faint recollection that I’d been there before. After some google searching and memory-recall I remembered that a few years back I had been in Hermiston and had actually put in some miles in Stanfield and even remember passing by the location of this race – Bard Park.

Stanfield is not the largest of places (about 2000 pop.), but as you head a little further up 395, you will hit Hermison and Umatilla before crossing over into Washington. According to Wikipedia, the United States Census Bureau, lists the city as having a total area of 1.53 square miles so it’s no real surprise that a 5k can literally run around the city. I actually ended up running alongside the roads and rough “trails” near Feed Canal and the Hinkle Yard Union Pacific Railroad (before I noticed the signs that told me to keep out). This route will be mapped out better than my exploration, which is good for all involved!

The race benefits the Hermiston/Stanfield Cross Country program, so your entry fee will definitely go a long way!


Hermiston Cross Country Team

Stanfield Fourth of July Fun Run
When: July 4, 2017 at 8am
Where: Bard Park
Register: Online here; $10 (add $5 DOR)

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