Pushing Through the Winter Slump: How to Stay Healthy Physically and Mentally This Winter

run_oregon_logoDuring the summer months when sunshine is abundant, there are farmers markets nearly every day, and a variety of sports and activities to participate in which makes maintaining your health easy and simple. However, with winter the nights become longer, the days become colder, and it’s easy to lose focus and slip into a rut.

To help keep you motivated this winter, here are 10 things you can do to help you stay healthy physically and mentally.

1. Eat Healthy Carbs

During the winter months, it’s common to crave warm, hearty meals. And what’s an extra dessert or two when you’re wearing layer upon layer anyway? Eating healthy carbs during the day can help curb your appetite so you don’t binge on unhealthy fats and carbs at night.

2. Cut Down Your Gym Time

While this may seem counterproductive, cutting down your time in the gym may be beneficial during winter months (especially in January), when everyone else takes a sudden interest in hitting the gym. Rather than standing around, waiting for machines to be available, you can focus on getting in, doing a 30 minute workout, and getting out, saving you time and helping maintain your sanity.

3. Embrace the Winter

Rather than fighting against winter weather, embrace this time of year. Take up a snow sport, like skiing, snowboarding, or even snowshoeing—anything that motivates you to get outside and be active is perfect.

4. Wear Your Workout Clothes

If your normal routine is changing into pajamas the minute you get home from work, consider slipping on your running shoes and workout gear instead so you’re more motivated to hit the gym or go for a run. You can also check out some community classes or sports which keep you active and moving during this time of year.

5. Get a Partner

Accountability will keep you on track—ask a friend, neighbor, your spouse, anyone really, to be your workout partner to help keep you motivated to be active.

6. Set a Goal

There’s no better time to start training for a race or new sport than in the winter. Sign up for that marathon you’ve always wanted to run, or start preparing for that triathlon—nothing will motivate you more than having something like that to look forward to.

7. Change It Up

Is running your workout of choice? Maybe swimming or biking? Consider changing it up and taking a yoga or pilates class this winter. Learning a new skill may be what you need to stay motivated and keep exercise exciting even in the dreariest of weather.

8. Keep It Light

Is the lack of sun getting you down? You may want to purchase a light box. Exposure to a light box just 30 minutes a day can help improve your mood drastically.

9. Think It Through

Meditation is an excellent resource when you’re struggling with the winter. With just 10 minutes of meditation every few days, you should find yourself feeling much better, and be ready to take on whatever the winter throws at you.

10. Just Keep Moving

For the sake of your health, both physical and mental, it’s important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, and stay active.

Winter can be difficult when you prefer the warmth and sunshine of summer, but with these simple tips, you may find winter to be a lot less dreary.

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