What Run Oregon is Wearing: Topo Athletic Terraventure

New trail shoes are the best, especially when they come from a brand like Topo Athletic that is grounded in the idea of making great running shoes. If you are unfamiliar with Topo as a brand, let me be the first to tell you that you should hustle, possibly run, down to your local shoe store and get a pair!

If I sound like a sold-out brand rep, I probably am, but hear me out. I have worn a few different models of Topo shoes and up until this pair had strictly run in their zero drop platform. When this shoe came out, I was hesitant to consider it because it has a 3mm drop and a higher stack height (thickness of the sole) than I am used to. Details like this are important and the more you determine what is best for you, the more you will look for brands that offer those details. For me, Topo has been the brand for the last 18 months and have been just right. But introducing my feet to something different was scary.

I received this pair near the end of December and believe it or not, I have yet to feel dirt under these shoes because of all the snow. Sad, I know, but this forced me to find creative ways to test this pair. My first run in them was on packed snow and ice. I ran 13.1 miles while helping to establish a half marathon course for a local race. I took it easy that night because of the new shoes and yet, they were like an old friend. They were comfortable and not too heavy, snug while also providing me room to move in the right spots and the 3mm drop plus the added stack height turned out to be just numbers.

Over the course of the past 6 weeks, I have put about 70 miles on them, all in the snow, with several runs being in the 6-10 mile range. Overall, I think these are a great pair of shoes for trail running, especially as trainers and even for longer runs in snow or inclement weather like rain and mud. I am still looking forward to finding some dirt, once the snow melts, but I am confident the Terraventures will be worthy.

Here are a few specs/takeaways:

  • “Ghillie” lacing system does what it says…your feet stay locked in.
  • The agressive lug design makes for excellent traction in snow, mud and off-road.
  • 3mm offset (drop) is very minor and wears more like a zero drop shoe.
  • The integrated tongue means you can run through puddles.
  • $110 price tag means more affordable than a lot of similar options.
  • Lighter than most trail shoes at 10.4 oz (size 9)

Where to buy: Topo website: $110.00 Amazon $109.95

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