Kickstarter of the Week: Ninji Sports – Cycling gear for the people

I have done one duathlon and one triathlon in my life so far. I am far from the world’s most knowledgeable on cycling in general, but I have historically found it hard to make a full leap into cycling, at least partly because of the cost. In addition to the obvious costs, like an actual bike, getting geared up for cycling seems like it’s own financial investment – and I already have a financial stake in my running pot. I ended up borrowing a kit from my brother-in-law during my events, because I didn’t want to invest in something I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is something that keep people who are on the fence from joining up and committing fully to cycling. Ninji Sports is aiming to take some of that away by creating affordable cycle gear. From their campaign:

Ninji was founded through the need for functional training gear and lots of it. As with all triathletes, we were financially challenged (broke) and spending large amounts of money on gear that will get thrown around and end up on the laundry floor didn’t seem like the best investment. Through the brains of the team (the wifey) we knew we could find a way to provide good quality product without the high price tag, and that’s how Ninji was born.

The purpose of Ninji is to bring products to the market that have all the bells and whistles but at a lower price. We aren’t about compromising on quality in fabrics or chamois, we are about cutting out all the middle men and overheads. The reason we have targeted lower priced products is because we want you to have more than one in your sports essential kit.

I recommend checking out the video, as the construction of the kits look both stylish, as well as functional.

Product: Ninji Sports
Location: Geelong, AU
Pledge Goal: $6,692 of $7,551 – Expires 2/9/17
Current Pledges: $21 (arm warmers) and $29 (top)
Delivery Expectation: May 2017

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