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If you are a reader and already an Amazon Prime member, you probably  started delving into the new Amazon Prime Reader catalogue as soon as it was recently announced. For those of you who aren’t members, or aren’t familiar with Amazon Prime – it’s really quite simple. Those with Amazon Prime get access to free reading from over 1000 books and magazines. Here are some worthwhile “quick reads” to check out!

Book: The Long Run by Mishka Shubaly
Synopsis: After nearly twenty years of chasing oblivion, a fight in a bar reveals to a newly sober Mishka Shubaly that he is able to run long distances. Despite his best attempts to dodge enlightenment and personal growth, the irreverent young drunk and drug abuser learns to tame his self-destructive tendencies through ultrarunning. His outrageous sense of humor, however, rages unabated.

Book: Against the Clock: Breaking the 4 Minute Mile by John Bryant
Synopsis: “Sixty years ago, there was one great challenge remaining in world sport: the four-minute mile. For decades other athletes had come close only to fail to quite crack the four-minute barrier. There were rumours that it was impossible, and doctors and coaches had warned that people might die in the attempt. But three young graduates from Oxford and Cambridge would – in May 1954 – prove them wrong. Based on new interviews with the main runner ‘Against the Clock: Running the 4 Minute Mile’ tells the story of Roger Bannister’s struggle, his team-mates, his opponents and his ultimate victory as the world watched him break the seemingly unattainable 4-minute mile.”

Book: One Headlight: Finding My Stride Along the Palisades by T.J. Quinn
Synopsis: “T.J. Quinn didn’t know what he was hoping to find in the dark of a running trail along the New Jersey Palis(Editor’s Note: Ex-Run Oregon blogger Anne Milligan is featured in the Night Running book).ades, but he found it. His haunting account of what running has meant to him can inspire anyone to take on a new challenge or take a risk that might lead to self-discovery. Quinn, an award-winning investigative reporter for the New York Daily News and now ESPN, takes you along with him both on the runs and the visits to his doctor, oddly fascinated by Quinn’s tattered knee. This essay is one of eleven collected by Wellstone Books in “Night Running: A Book of Essays About Breaking Through,” now available in paperback.” (Editor’s Note: Ex-Run Oregon blogger Anne Milligan is featured in the Night Running book!)

Magazine: Runner’s World
Synopsis: None needed!

Try an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial if you are interested!

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