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What Run Oregon is Trying: Mission EnduraCool Athlete Wear

Mission Athlete Care

Company: Mission Mission’s Enduracool instant cooling technology chills fabric surface temperature by up to 30° to help you control temperature on demand. Quick cooling means you command a competitive edge – and when you control temperature, you unlock performance. Products: Enduracool Cooling Towel (Microfiber) - Hi vis green ($14.99) Enduracool Cooling Towel (Techknit) - Royal blue space dye ($17.99) Enduracool Fitness Multi-Cool - Royal blue space dye ($17.99) Enduracool Reflective Headband - Hi vis green ($14.99) Enduracool Performance Hat - White ($22.99)


I’m not going to lie: Getting too hot outside in the summer holds me back from trying to participate in some fun activities. If I knew that I can keep myself cooled off, I’d be more likely to head out. Therefore I was very excited to get to try out some cooling accessories by Mission. They are made from fabric containing cooling technology which, when wet by water or sweat, cools the surface of the fabric to a lower temperature than evaporation alone would.

How is this possible? we wondered. Well, the cooling technology comes from the construction of unique radiator-like fibers that circulate water molecules throughout the towel and regulate the rate of evaporation to create the cooling effect. So it’s in the fabric construction and not from any sort of chemical.

Right off the bat, I took my new “toys” on a camping trip to Central Oregon. The hat fits great, and kept me shaded and cool while exploring Crater Lake. Kelly tried one out too, and she says, “The bill is deeper than most running hats, but not awkwardly so. I like this because it kept more sun off my face.”

I used the cooling towels draped around our necks to refresh myself and my kiddos after we finished setting up our tents in the afternoon sunshine. Even more versatile, in my opinion, than the towels is the Multi-Cool buff. First, after wetting and activating it, I wore it around my neck, where it cooled for a long time, well after a regular cotton cloth would have warmed up and dried in the heat. Later I wrapped it around my wrist and lower arm, again giving me a cool feeling without re-wetting it.

Finally, after arriving back home, I wore the buff on a warm weather run (on a day that would eventually record a high temp of 101*). I typically run with a hat, so this felt a little different, but I love the lightweight fabric, it stayed where I put it without slipping or binding, and my forehead felt much cooler than I feel with my usual running hats.

The beauty of the buff is that you can wear it on your head as I am in this photo, or you can wear it around your neck. Kelly did this for her 9-miler in the heat, and “I didn’t get hot the entire run, and definitely wan’t in the shade the whole time.” What’s really nice about wearing it around your neck is that as you heat up, you can just rotate it around and the fabric that was resting in front then cools the back of your neck.

I have worn the headband around camp and around the house, and it does a great job keeping my hair out of my eyes and my head cool. I look forward to taking advantage of its reflective accents and its cooling on the upcoming overnight relay. These accessories are definitely a useful addition to my summer running wardrobe.

It’s important to note that before using any of the Mission Enduracool towels or buff/headband, you’re instructed to wash them in cold water before use. Yes, it’s all machine-washable … nice.


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