Do the girls a favor: Visit Title Nine Sports’ Fit Fest June 1-2 (Portland) and June 8-9 (Eugene) to get a bra that fits

You may be thinking, “boy, Kelly writes a lot about sports bras.” It’s true, I do … but when a runner has boobs, sports bras are as important as running shoes. So I consider it my female runner duty to inform you of the Title Nine Fit Fest on June 1-2 at their Pearl District store and June 8-9 in Eugene. In addition to being able to try on bras from their “Big Box of Bras” (ensuring they have every size in all their bras), there will be snacks and you’ll get a nice, roomy lingerie bag with your purchase.

Their colorful store is chock-full of comfy, sporty, and functional women’s apparel, but I’m writing today about the back wall of the store, next to the dressing rooms. The one lined with a wide variety of daywear bras and sports bras from A-cups to F-cups, some dainty and lacy (the ones you wear to work) and others in every color from black to pink and everything in between; including one (one that I actually ended up getting) that has what I think of as a racing stripe around it. There are large dressing rooms, but more importantly, there is a team of “bravangelists.” 

Bravangelists are what Title Nine calls their specially-trained team of bra fitters. If you’ve been fit for a bra, you know it’s more than just being asked “What size are you?” and then trying on everything in that size. A good bra fitter will ask you about your activity level, what style of bra you like, and what you have liked about your favorite bras in the past. They’ll also ask you your size, but more to get a baseline of where to start. You might come in thinking you’re a 34B and leave there in a 32C that fits a million times better.

“A great bra fit can literally change a woman’s life,” they say, and they mean it. A properly-fit and supportive sports bra can give you more confidence, improve your posture, and those things can lead to improvements in your running.

I got a sneak peek at next week’s Fit Fest, and bravangelist Amy (who knows what it’s like to need impressive support) helped me out. First, she asked me a few questions, and I was able to point out which bras I had and which I liked and didn’t like. What was nice was pointing to one bra they carried with which I’ve had good luck, but had one little thing about it that I didn’t like. Amy pulled four sports bras for me to try on, and left me to get started with instructions to let her know when I had the first one on. She listened to my impressions and explained what about the fit was probably giving me issue; then it was on to #2, which seemed pretty perfect. Trying on #3 and #4 only confirmed my opinion on #2, and the deal was done. It’s like finding the right guy (or girl) … you know when you know.

So if you are thinking that your current running bra might not be “the one,” head to Title Nine’s Fit Fest June 1-2 and get a little chest therapy to make your runs a little happier! Here are the details:

Portland location:

When: Wednesday and Thursday, June 1-2, 2016

Register for a time: Call them at 503-243-2220 or email to make your appointment for some one-on-one time. The store is open from 10a-7p; you can also stop by to make an appointment.

Where: Title Nine at 1335 NW Kearney St. in Portland

Eugene location:

When: Wednesday and Thursday, June 8-9, 2016

Register for a time: Call them at 541-343-1574 or stop in the store to make your appointment. They are open from 10a-7p.

Where: Title Nine at 296 E. 5th St. in Eugene


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