What Run Oregon is Wearing: UnderArmour Men’s Spring line

Both of these items were released in February 2016 and are part of UnderArmour‘s 2016 Spring running apparel line. Thank you to UnderArmour for providing us with samples to try out.


When I think UnderArmour, I don’t necessarily equate the company with running gear. To me, I think of cold-weather compression gear and football baselayers. Over the years UnderArmour has continued to grow, and with it so has their running line.


Impressions (CoolSwitch Tee):

Specs (from website):

  • Polyester/Elastane (6.5 oz)
  • Colors:
    • White
    • Graphite
    • Black
    • Electric Blue
    • X-Ray (yellow)
    • Rocket Red
    • Navy
    • Orange
    • Fuel Green (bright lime)
    • Grey

Most running shirts nowadays are “tech” in nature and most of those are moisture wicking in some capacity. I have tried out a lot of different kinds, and sometimes it is difficult to notice just how well they work until you wear a cotton tee-shirt or a standard race logo tee. The CoolSwitch tee is probably the first time that I noticed right off the bat just how well moisture wicking can work.


My initial run in the CoolSwitch was a 9 mile loop starting at Lair Hill, over the Sellwood Bridge, along the Springwater Trail, and around the Waterfront before returning… in 80+ degree temperatures. There was some shade along the way, but some good stretches of direct sunshine. As my face and head were drenched with sweat about halfway through, I finally looked down and noticed that, while there was a wet spot in the center of my chest, the rest of the shirt was devoid of any moisture. I was shocked. Here I was sweating like a pig, and aside from one baseball sized wet spot, no one would have been able to even tell.

I guess that I should thank UnderArmour’s coating, which is on the inside of the shirt and claims to pull heat away from the skin, keeping things cooler. Add in mesh ventilation on the back and under the arms and you have one heck of a shirt. Also, I was expecting an UnderArmour running top to have “typical” UnderArmour design (i.e. compression). However, it is pretty solid design – a “next-to-skin [fit] without the squeeze” that seems tighter without needing to worry too much about showing off too much dad-bod.

Impressions (ArmourVent Trail Short):

ArmourVent Shorts

Specs (from website):

  • Polyester (4.3 oz)
  • Colors:
    • Black
    • Anthracite (Grey)
  • 10.25″ Inseam
  • 3 pockets – 2 hand and 1 cargo

The ArmourVent trail shorts aren’t exactly running shorts in the purest sense of the word, but I consider them a solid hybrid that can be utilized for all your outdoor needs. From running and hiking, to working in the yard and wearing to a summer sporting event, they seem to fit all areas just fine. I have run in these on numerous occasions and love how comfortable and stretchy they are. From the super flexible waistband to a durable, yet breathable, construction – they make a great crossover. While they are longer than most running shorts, but great for those who have long legs and appreciate a little more cover.

Hurakan Jacket

Impressions (Hurakan Paclite Jacket):

Specs (from website):

  • Nylon
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Bungee adjuster on hem
  • Loose: Fuller cut for complete comfort.
  • UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability
  • GORE-TEX® Paclite construction is 100% waterproof, lightweight & incredibly breathable
  • Windproof materials & construction shield you from the elements
  • 2-layer bonded fabric with a durable, smooth outside & a soft interior
  • Secure hand pockets, with double-zips for ventilation

Impressions: This jacket will do everything in its power to keep you dry! It’s GoreTex, it’s long (hanging below the waist), the zipper is protected by a flap secured by snaps at the top and bottom and velcro tabs along the entire length, and a large and well-designed hood will keep the rain off your head. I particularly like the hood, which seems to fit naturally and symmetrically over my head, without sliding from side to side. The hood has an integrated cord to adjust the fit, and the “bill” is slightly reinforced to add just the right amount of stability and rigidity.

There are also adjustable cords at the waist, and velcro tabs at the cuffs allowing you to customize the sizing. Overall, the jacket seems to run a tiny bit large, with the sleeves extending just a little beyond my wrists. This may make it slightly more difficult to clap at a TImbers game, but you will appreciate the shelter from the rain while you cheer on the team. The flaps under the chin can be a bit intrusive if the jacket is not zipped up all the way, but when the jacket is fully-zipped, and the zipper pull is neatly parked in the zipper garage, there is lots of room for your face, neck, and chin. The hood keeps you dry, while still providing generous forward vision.

While not a running jacket, the Hurakan did work well during a short warmup jog before a drizzly race, and it’s great before and after any damp athletic activity. Just remember to add reflective gear at night if you opt for the black version. (The Hurakan Jacket is also available in “Daredevil Red” and “Electric Blue”). Roomy, weather-proof pockets on each side can hold a number of items, and dual zipper pulls from the top or bottom make access easy and add versatility. The left pocket has an internal hole for a head phone cord. The fabric is slightly crinkly, but still soft and comfortable. Although it is not a particularly warm jacket, the Hurakan is great in wet and windy conditions.


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