Race Recap: 2016 Sisters Better Half Marathon

11066608_842565735816057_3002311424597166149_nSisters is a beautiful place to simply be in. It is also an amazing place to race. On this day however, it was an exceptionally windy day to run. On Saturday April 23rd, 174 runners took off to complete one of two distances. Some were running the entire half marathon, others were running half of it and then tagging a teammate to run the other half…aka, The Better Half.

The course was a 6.55 mile loop, making the relay possible. The first half was less windy than the second and as we took off from the start we were running with the wind, but at around the 2.5 mile mark we turned directly into the wind. The second half was indeed a challenge and at about mile 9, runners faced 35-40 mph head winds for more than 1.5 miles that tested everyone.

While this sounds like a recipe for a bad run, the winds were the only negative thing about this race. From the organization to the volunteers on the course to the sponsors to the after-race food and beverages, the Sisters Better Half is a well kept secret that this runner highly recommends for next year.


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