Run Oregon Test Kitchen: SnackSack subscription box

Subscription: SnackSack
Cost: $24.95 for 1 SnackSack/month, $49.40 for 2 SnackSacks/month (may purchase up to 12/month – see website for pricing)
Cycle: monthly
Features: 11-15 snacks per SnackSack

I like snacks. A lot! I’m always on the lookout for snacks that are healthy so that I can keep my hunger at bay between meals. Needless to say, I was quite excited to try out the February SnackSack box. The box was stuffed with a variety of treats from salty to sweet. The February box had 11 items in snack-sized portions. Most of the snacks were things I had never tried, so it was a fun tasting experience.

SnackSack prides itself on delivering snacks that have higher nutritional value and are a mixture of organic or all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, or gluten-free. They skip over snacks that are about artificial ingredients and instead find tasty, original snack foods.

Yes, it is called SnackSack and it does come in a box, but some of the snacks were in a burlap sack, however, there are so many snacks included they didn’t all fit in the sack. Included in the box was a postcard that listed all the snacks. I appreciated that. It allowed me to have the name of the snacks I loved long after I devoured it – so that I can remember the brand when I head to the store for snacks. In this box my absolute favorite item was the cinnamon sugar Crunchy Cookie Chips. Those were heaven in a bag! Another favorite was the Natural Sins Crispy Pineapple Thins. It was real pineapple sliced crazy-thin and then baked-dried. They had amazing flavor for such thin slices.

One of the cool things about SnackSack is that if you discover a snack you love, you may be able to buy it on their marketplace. Many of the items can be purchased in 12 packs.  Another fun thing about SnackSack is that every month is a surprise. Each month you will receive 11-15 items. You do not get to choose what you are getting. Instead you get a new variety each month. It’s like Christmas for your taste buds once a month! What’s not to like about that?

SnackSack is a great way to sample new treats that are out there without having to hunt them down yourself. It also allows you to get them in a snack-sized portions instead of needing to buy a full-sized container when you aren’t sure if you’ll like the item or not.

Not only is this a fun item to purchase for yourself, SnackSack would be a great original gift for the snacker in your life. So, if anyone wants to keep me in snacks, I’m good with that. I promise to send you a huge thank you – as soon as I finish my snack.

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