What Run Oregon is reading: Two Hours by Ed Caesar

Two Hours by Ed Caesar, published 2015 by Simon and Schuster – 256 pages.

I’m not even waiting until I’m done with Two Hours by Ed Caesar to do a quick post about this book because I am loving it. I had to wait until my husband finished reading it, but I finally got my turn and am about half way through. I’ll post a more thorough review when I’m finished, too, but had to tell you about this book.

Part history of the marathon distance and runners that helped shape the sport and part discussion on what it would take for someone to run a sub-2 hour marathon, this book shines a spotlight on some of today’s competitive marathoners. If you enjoy features in Runner’s World about talented but unknown runners, you will love this book. It’s wonderfully written, and while it doesn’t ignore the science behind what it would take to break two hours, the focus is on the emotional and mental barriers that need to be torn down for this feat to be accomplished.

The Washington County Cooperative Library System (Washington County) has five copies in their library, or you can pick it up here on Amazon for as little as $12.21. If you’ve read it, email us your thoughts and if it’s before I post my review, I’ll include your comments as well!

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