Run Oregon gets Fresh with Fresh Balls products

Yes, you read that right.

Fresh. Balls.

Despite the partially middle-school giggle-fest inducing name, Fresh Balls – along with their sister products Fresh Breasts and Fresh Feet – is under the Fresh Body family and aims to keep you hygenic and refreshed from your top to your bottom. Run Oregon recieved a few products to test. Prepare yourselves.


ProductFresh Balls
Price: $11.99 for 5 ounce tube
Description: Step away from the messy powders! Fresh Balls is specially designed to deal specifically with the uncomfortable and unhygienic problems that moisture and bacteria can cause in those “man-regions” – in an all-natural and clump-free way! Our lotion is a quick-drying talc-less formula that dries to a silky-smooth powder to keep you and your best parts moisture-free. And, unlike most deodorants and powders, our natural formula is free of all aluminum, parabens, and talc – just as nature intended. 

UntitledImpressions (Matt): 

As someone who is on the go a lot, Fresh Balls is actually a necessary product for me. I have a bag in the back of my car so that when a spare hours creeps up, I can get runs in throughout the day. This means that (gasp), sometimes I forego showers in between traveling or between work and when I pick up my kids. And that sometimes leaves me sitting around, marinating in my own grossness at times. So basically I am the poster child of someone who is “not fresh”.

I have utilized powders “down there”, but I haven’t been too big of a fan. I appreciated the ease with which the application of Fresh Balls is applied – starts as a lotion, cools quickly, and dries as a powder. Quick, easy, and minimal mess compared to the its powdered brethren. As a result, I felt cleaner, experienced less chafing, and was generally less gross – especially on a few road trips where I have stopped halfway to run.  That’s a win in my book.


ProductFresh Breasts
Price: $11.99 for 5 ounce tube
Description: Fresh Breasts was scientifically created to keep you and your “girls” dry and unchafed so there’s no more of those uncomfortable and awkward arm-crossed encounters. Women can now rest easy; we’re replacing “swoobs” – dreaded boob sweat – with smiles!

Applied as a lotion that quick-dries into a silky, clump-free powder, Fresh Breasts® can be applied as often as needed and is recommended as part of your daily routine. And, unlike most deodorants and powders, our natural scentless formula is free of all aluminum, parabens, and talc – just as nature intended.

Fresh Breasts

Impressions (Kelly):

I tried out Fresh Breasts on three separate occasions for this test. The first was just to work in everyday dress, without a workout. The next was on a 5-mile run in dry weather. The last was for a 12.5-mile run, also in dry weather but warmer than expected (read: I sweat a lot).

The lotion is very light and has a scent that I couldn’t pin down. It wasn’t a very strong scent and I could only smell it before the lotion dried into the powder. The tube recommends washing hands after application, probably because if you don’t you can end up with a white powder coating on your hands. I put it on after showering and had to give it a few minutes to dry before getting dressed.

In the first test I decided that I liked Fresh Breasts as a regular lotion and drying agent. Because I’m still nursing (pumping) but starting to wean, I’m in-between my giant nursing bras and my still probably larger-than-average bras. But my “regular” bras are still a little snug and the Fresh Breasts lotion did seem to keep the sweat at bay. For those of you who seem to have a furnace in your cleavage (perhaps you have stuffed Kleenex down there in an effort to soak up the sweat, too?), this will keep things dryer.

In the second test I also decided that Fresh Breasts was good for preventing chafing on a medium-length run. I applied it around my ribcage, as well, where the bottom elastic of my bra sits against my skin. I can’t say that this product prevented sweat, but I didn’t have any chafing after the run. My usual anti-chafe tool is white petroleum jelly and this worked just as well, but was less slimy.

On my last test, the 12.5-mile run, I could tell that it worked fairly well because there was a spot I obviously missed that was really red and painful. I don’t think it worked quite as well as the white petroleum jelly on this long of a run, but it was effective compared to not using anything at all. If you don’t like the feel of Vaseline®, or what it can do to your gear, I would suggest Fresh Breasts as a good alternative.


ProductFresh Feet
Price: $3.99 for 5 ounce tube
Description: Lucky you! Fresh Body has developed a product that prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feelings of having sweaty feet, which, let’s face it, all people suffer from. Fresh Feet is specifically formulated to keep your feet fresh and dry, and ultimately solves your excess perspiration issues. Aluminum-, paraben- and talc-free, Fresh Feet® contains oatmeal as an anti-irritant and tea tree oil as an anti-bacterial. Fresh Feet is an easy to apply lotion that dries quickly, so it won’t clump on your feet, can be used as often as needed and is recommended to use as part of your daily grooming routine.

Impressions (Annette): Did you know that each of your feet contain approximately 250,000 sweat glands? As a result, your feet can produce about 1/2 pint (or 1 cup) of sweat per day! If that isn’t enough to convince you to try Fresh Feet, I don’t know what is.

A couple of weeks ago I had just finished a workout and was thinking of how ridiculously sweaty my feet were. Fortuitously, Matt asked if anyone had sweaty feet. Ummmm. . . . yea! I sweat like a man! Well, not to the point of needing Fresh Balls, but a good run or workout and I’m dripping from head to toe. Therefore, I was quite excited to try out Fresh Feet.

Fresh Feet is applied like lotion on your feet. Initially it feels just like regular lotion, but when it dries it looks like you applied powder to your feet. However, it does not flake and fall off like powder does. I’ve tried various foot powders and they are just messy, clumpy, and rarely completely coat your foot. Usually, you end up with a bunch of powder in the toe of your sock while the rest of your foot gets nothing. The lotion application is brilliant for eliminating the partial coverage and clumping issues. Fresh Feet has a light fresh scent that is somewhat minty from the Tea Tree Oil in this product. I tried this product when I was headed for a butt-kicking, sweat-producing workout. I felt a slight tingling on the bottoms of my feet not long after I applied the lotion. After that, I didn’t notice a thing. When I completed my workout, my socks were still a bit damp but my feet felt surprisingly dry. My 250,000 sweat glands were still producing, but they seemed to have been slowed down a bit.

My second trial of this product was for a 10K run. I didn’t notice any tingling this time after applying. In fact, I didn’t really notice anything. My 10K happened to be on a 60 degree day, so sweat production was at its finest. At about mile 5 my feet felt kind of dry and uncomfortably hot. It was hard to know if that was related to the Fresh Feet or if my body was just not used to running in 60 degrees during the winter. Afterwards, my feet felt just fine. Yes, they did sweat, but I do believe it was less than usual. It does seem that this product would reduce hot spots and blisters as well since your feet are well covered with a silky powder.

I would definitely recommend this product over various powders I have tried. If you want to reduce that cup of sweat per day, try out Fresh Feet for good overall coverage and sweat reduction. I am definitely bringing Fresh Feet with me on my upcoming vacation where I will be wearing flip-flops in the warm sun all day. I’m hopeful that Fresh Feet will reduce that flip-flop “stank.”


*This post has been sponsored by Fresh Body

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