Run Oregon Test Kitchen: Treats from kakookies & Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie


Company: Kakookies
Product: Almond Cranberry, Boundary Waters Blueberry, Cashew Blondie & Pecan Apricot.
Price: An assortment of flavors (12 total – 3 of all 4 flavors) for $24.00

Description: How are Kakookies different? We don’t use any flour substitutes. Most Gluten Free (GF) products substitute traditional wheat flour with a gluten-free flour, usually a special blend of rice flour, tapioca flour, garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, xanthan gum, etc. In other words, powdered carbohydrates that we don’t think are necessary and can raise blood sugar levels more than wheat products. We didn’t want to compromise on flavor or texture.  Instead, Kakookies relies on pure ingredients for clean, natural goodness.  It’s a cookie you can feel good about!

The creators sent us a brief note about their company, and it appears that Kakookies have been fueling (and rewarding) athletes, from the Biekebiner to the North Star Grand Prix, and fits right in with the running community.


I don’t have any food allergies, nor am I vegan. However, I can completely get behind food with all-natural ingredients. This year, I have made a conscious effort to try to clean up my eating, within personal reason. So Kakookies is a good snack to drop in to my race bag or lunch bag, and still feel pretty good about a sweet snack. Each cookie is about 230 calories or so. The cookies are very soft and chewy and I really couldn’t tell a major different taste – something I appreciated. One of the worst things about “healthy snacks” is that some of them really just taste…off…as a result of substitutions made to meet certain nutritional requirements. Kakookies just seems to stick to the basics of good wholesome and natural ingredients, and as a result, they taste like cookies. Sold.

The Almond Cranberry seemed more nut than fruit, but it was not overpowering. I took Boundary Waters Blueberry for a mid-race fueling on the Haul Road Trail in Bend. Pecan Apricot had a nice sweetness to it coupled with a nice chewiness from the apricot chunks. It was surprisingly not overly sweet – something that can be a problem in blueberry flavored items. It was a solid trail snack and filling enough to get me final 6 miles back. My favorite was probably the Cashew Blondie – a sweet (but not overpoweringly sweet) vanilla and nutty combination.


Lenny & Larry's - The Complete Cookie. 16 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber.

Lenny & Larry’s – The Complete Cookie. 16 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber.

Company: Lenny & Larry’s
Product: The Complete Cookie
Price: $15.99 for an 8 count variety pack. $24.99 for a dozen (Amazon)

Description: Clean and natural: Fresh baked protein cookies, the way God intended. We’re committed to our community and our world, that’s why each Complete Cookie is made of sustainable natural ingredients that benefit a healthier more active lifestyle. Each complete cookie is a good source of protein (16 grams per cookie) and dietary fiber (8 grams). They are Kosher and Vegan containing no dairy and no eggs.  Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies are not only NON-GMO, we also reject questionable ingredients. That means No Soy, No Cholesterol, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Trans Fat, No Artificial Sweeteners, and No Sugar Alcohols.


I received a delightful variety pack containing 7 different Lenny & Larry’s “The Complete Cookie” flavors. The flavors were peanut butter, pumpkin spice, lemon poppy seed, chocolate chip, double chocolate, white chocolate macadamia and snickerdoodle.

Lenny & Larry's provided a variety pack containing 7 different flavors of The Complete Cookie.

Lenny & Larry’s provided a variety pack containing 7 different flavors of The Complete Cookie.

I love food. I run not only because I love to run, because I love to eat. Full disclosure – I am not a fan of “sweets”. I am a fan of products that I can eat on the go such as to eat in the car before a race or as a breakfast and/or lunch substitute during the week. Right after receiving the package of The Complete Cookies, I immediately tore open the snickerdoodle cookie. Oh my word. Divine. The cookie was not too sweet, devilishly soft, and decadent. You could easily eat the whole cookie, feel satiated and satisfied, go about your day feeling full, and not getting the hunger pangs an hour after eating it. The problem? Well, it’s not really a problem … but they taste so good, like a potato chip – “You can’t eat just one!”

Problem solved, however. As each cookie is two servings, I am able to bring two flavors with me during the work week, for example. My favorite method? I eat half of the lemon poppy seed or pumpkin spice for breakfast (it’s like a muffin but so incredibly much better for you), and I chow down a half of the snickerdoodle or white chocolate macadamia nut for lunch. Some new flavors were just released that I am going to get my hands on. The newer flavors are birthday cake and coconut chocolate chip. Holy smokes! Lenny & Larry’s also offers a line of Muscle Muffins and Muscle Brownies. I love these things!


Run Oregon receives products to review from time to time. While we appreciate the companies that provide us with items to check out, please note that the feelings and words in our reviews are entirely our own.

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