PRC Winter Race Series – Race #2 preview

The big question is: will it keep raining? We are less than a week out from the 2nd race in the 2015-2016 PRC Winter Race Series, presented by Human Investing. The first race, run on December 19th, was in what might have been Portland's wettest month on record. Participants considered it lucky that only one section of the course was underwater; the other puddles weren't deep enough to get your toes wet. But, it's raining as I write this preview and everyone knows you can't trust a weatherman any farther you can throw him (or her) when you live in Oregon in January! (Except Andy Carson, because he's a crazy runner too ... speaking of Andy Carson, here's his forecast.) No matter if you participated in the first race in this Series, you can still sign up for the 2nd (and 3rd, if you want) race, scheduled for Saturday, January 23. Each race is on the same course and they all start/finish just outside of Portland Running Company's Beaverton location at 10029 SW Nimbus Ave. This race, like the first, is a relatively-flat 5k on the "Cloud streets" off Scholls Ferry and Hall Boulevard in Beaverton and the wide, paved Fanno Creek Trails. As a bonus incentive to get you to sign up and run with me, the race doesn't start until 9a.

Here's what I look like ... find me to run a sub-30 5k with me! Photo from the Joe Dudman 5.0k Birthday Run in June 2014. (Photo by Annette Vaughn)

Here’s what I look like … find me to run a sub-30 5k with me! Photo from the Joe Dudman 5.0k Birthday Run in June 2014. (Photo by Annette Vaughn)

Starting at 7:30a, participants can get ready in the nice warm PRC showroom at SW Nimbus and Scholls Ferry. Volunteers will be handing out bibs and the “shirt press” will be ready – you can get a new emblem on your race shirt at each race. Speaking of the race shirts, they are some mighty fine-looking long-sleeve shirts. They are a tech blend that feels like cotton, and are a vibrant blue with deep raspberry writing on them. I’ve worn it for running but prefer to wear it as my post-run, post-shower shirt because it’s so comfy. Shirts are only $15.

The PRC Race Series is for runners AND walkers. Finish times ranged from under 17 minutes to more than 57 minutes, and every single participant was supported and cheered on by other runners and walkers, volunteers, and PRC’s spectacular race team. Especially if you have wanted to do a 5k but felt intimidated – this would be a great race to “get your feet wet.” Literally and figuratively.

Here are the vitals:

When: Saturday, January 23, 2016

What time: 9a start

Where: Portland Running Company at 10029 SW Nimbus Ave in Beaverton

Register: Online here for $25 or DOR in the store

At the first PRC race, I ran with my three-and-a-half-year-old. Well, I ran with her for about a quarter mile and then “Uncle Joe” (Run Oregon blogger Joe Dudman) agreed to push for the rest of the race. You can read all about my experience at this fun race here. This time around, I’m leaving the kiddos both with dad so I can try and turn on some speed and run faster than I did in December. I’m hoping to crack 29 minutes, so if your goal is to run a sub-30 5k, please find me at the start of the race and we can run together. I’m serious. I love running with new people and I will even do all the talking if you need some distraction while you speed along to your sub-30 finish!

There were 171 finishers at the first race in the PRC Winter Series, and Larry Julson of Newberg was the first across the line held a 5:21 pace for a 16:40.6 finish. Lauren Elgee was the first woman finisher with a time of 19:36.3, which is a 6:17/mile average.

After the race, be sure to stop back in the store to get your free race photo from Human Investing. You can also add your race emblem to your shirt if you didn’t do that before the race. You probably don’t want to race in your shirt and then get the emblem on though – I think the shirt needs to be dry.



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