Race Recap: 2015 Run2Survive ZombieFest

Run Oregon bloggers Brian and Marilyn

This was the first race I have attended that had a bright yellow fenced quarantine area. Located adjacent to the start line and clearly marked with caution tape, it was packed full of zombies by the time the starting gun went off. It seemed that the survivors were headily outnumbered by their undead compatriots at Blue Lake Park. True to the Halloween event date, the vast majority of the participants were in some sort of costume. Energy Events put on a great event as usual, and the fun factor at this one was quite high.

With a handful of vendors, spooky decorations, and energetic music, it was fun just hanging around before the start. Even when the majority was spent waiting for a chance to get some spooky makeup. A word to the wise, either get ther very early or do your own makeup at home. I was finished with literally a couple minutes to spare. It was totally worth it as I was bloodstained with some truly disturbing blisters on my cheek.

I spent a few minutes in the quarantine section with my zombie friends as the ‘survivors’ were given their 3 minute head start. Then we stumbled and shambled to the start are for our turn to begin the feast. Those few minutes felt like an eternity, but it seemed like more than a few survivors didn’t realize they were to be easy pickings.

With a course that meandered around Blue Lake Park, it was somewhat scenic and very green. For the most part it was grass, with some blacktop and road crossings. Almost entirely flat, it made up for the time lost slipping, darting after dodging survivors and winding through the crowds of the newly undead.

Survivors not only had to worry about us zombies overtaking them from behind, but also special areas on the course where zombies were known to loiter. Between those hazards, very few seemed to make it to the finish line with both of their life lines. I personally harvested 25, and only 6 of them truly survived, getting to the finish line before I did. There were some true screams of terror and impromptu speed workouts as many decided that the best way to save themselves was to sprint away. I did unfortunately witness a lady fall trying to get away, and had a lot of fun casually running next to people and grabbing their flag once they realized I was a zombie.

All in all, it was a great event and one I would love to do again. Blue Lake Park is a beautiful place to run and the zombies vs survivors format is entertaining. I ran this as a double, 3 hours after the Halloweenathon 5K and it was a great workout. The after party was awesome, mingling and enjoying the music and costumes. This is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and I will make an effort to return next year.

4 Comments on Race Recap: 2015 Run2Survive ZombieFest

  1. Ah, zombie runs…. Brian looks like he only recently became undead. Marilyn looks like she’s been feasting on brrrrrainz for quite some time. 🙂

    • Brian Bernier // November 5, 2015 at 5:53 PM //

      I didn’t recognize her at the race! I want her to do my make up next year.

  2. I’ve always wanted to do a zombie run, but the thought of getting caught keeps me from it. I was the WORST tag or dodgeball player as a kid. I absolutely hated getting caught and it gave me so much anxiety because I didn’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of class. Maybe one of these times I’ll give it a go — it looks so fun!

    • Brian Bernier // November 5, 2015 at 5:54 PM //

      Well, you could always be a zombie then! These races are a lot of fun and the atmosphere is definitely geared towards having a good time.

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