Race Preview: 2015 Cheadle Challenge Adventure Run – Epic Mud II in Lebanon

cheadle_challenge_logo I have cooled down a little on mud runs over the past year or so. It seems like they have popped up everywhere as of late. That's not to say they don't have a value in the world of running or that aren't fun. They just haven't played a big role in my running world for the last little bit.
That being said, one of my favorite mud runs I have done is the Cheadle Challenge Adventure Run in Lebanon. It is a local mud/adventure run that isn't all marked up by sponsors and thousands of participants. The 2015 event is November 14th.
The race takes place entirely inside of Cheadle Park and while a flat terrain is maintained, expect soggy conditions, man-made and natural obstacles. While the race course is not posted, I anticipate it looking similar to year's past. Here is some description from the last time I ran it:
Cheadle Park is an amazing place to run in general, and was really an ideal location for an adventure run.
Runners started in the main field and charged over a huge stack of hay before heading to the first water crossing within the first minute of the race. I guess it would be more accurate to call the crossing a "bog" as it was deeper than I, and many other laughing runners, expected. While this meant that the remainder of the 3.5 miles were run in soggy shoes, socks, and legs, I refused to complain. Because who really wants to stay dry in an adventure race? It was only going to be a matter of time, so why not get it started early?
I REALLY enjoyed the layout and construction of the race course. It combined a great visual backdrop with good obstacles and great periods for hitting your running stride. Smiling volunteers directed traffic on the course and monitored obstacles. What more could be asked for?
Following the race, stick around for a giant bonfire, complete with beer garden, food, local tunes, and all around chilly fun. The race benefits the local non-profit, so your money will be kept in the local community. If you are in the market for a mud run, this one comes highly recommended by yours truly. Follow the race on Facebook.

Cheadle Challenge Adventure Run (Lebanon)

When: Heats every 10 minutes from 10a-1130a
Where: Cheadle Lake
Register: Online here; $35 (adults) and $35 (kids 8-12) through 10/10; Heats every 10 minutes beginning at 10a

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