Why the marathon and 50k are the best race distances


My favorite race distance is…50K. There’s something amazing that happens when you get outside of what you mentally think is possible regarding the human body, specifically your own. The first time I went over 30 miles on a training run, I got a call from my wife at mile 34, wondering if I was ever coming home again. At that point I was 19 miles from home and literally had a smile on my face as I was running down the trail. I haven’t run a 100K yet but it is a goal for the near future. Who knows, maybe that will become my new favorite distance!


Let’s hear it! Who else *loves* the marathon (and 10k) distance? They are my favorites. I have to admit, I am jealous of Drew having completed an ultra distance event. I will be taking on the McKenzie River Trail Run 50k on September 12, 2015, and hope to be able to call the ultra distance my new favorite. We shall see!

But back to the marathon, as that is my all time favorite. A marathon is an epic experience. You push your body further than it thinks it can take. Carrying your body 26.2 miles is no small feat, and not a decision to make lightly. Training is required; you don’t just wake up and decide to do a marathon, register for one, and complete it in a couple weeks like you can do with other distances. Also, nutrition is key. You have to dial in your nutrition to not hit the wall, or, generally, have a bad time. The marathon is my favorite distance because there is so much that can go wrong … it’s being smart and not taking things to chance that will get you across the finish line and feeling well.

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