Why Fun Runs are the Best Races

Cupcake Bar at the finish of the Joe Dudman 5.0K

This is probably a lame cop out, but flipping through my race bibs…. I can’t find a “most favorite” run distance.  I do however, see a theme of the most vivid memories and a smile creeping over my face when I come to the “fun run” races.

Not all of these are “untimed” but they are fun themed and if not completely family focused, they are something my kids have enjoyed (either while waiting forever for me to cross the finish or fun while I push them through the festive race). If I am really lucky, or the race theme is really enticing, I have actually been able to rope my family into joining (and enjoying) the run with me.  So while some of these fun races have been 5Ks, 10Ks and even half marathons, I will never forget the pure joy on my kids’ faces of seeing the cupcake bar at Joe Dudman’s 50th birthday 5k or watching them jump and clap in peels of excitement along with all the other spectators of the Starlight Parade as I shuffle past in my “Carl Fredricksen” costume  (with my friends dressed as characters from the pixar movie “Up”) during the Starlight Run 5K.

Me and my pals before the Starlight Fun Run Credit to: Waz-Mix Pix

Other family favorites are watching the concerts and artistic performances after the Volcano Run PDX .  While I have a thrill to complete 13.1 miles and enjoy pushing and “racing” the 5K and 10K, I enjoy the thrill too of being chased down by zombies, watching the kids visit with Santa while I drink a little hot buttered rum, dressing up as super heroes or strolling through some farm land and watching all the dogs (and their owners) pass us by.

We have a lot of great local races that are a ton of fun to participate in and, thankfully, a ton of fun for my patient cheerleaders when they aren’t out on the trail or road with me.

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