Kickstarter of the Week: Guroo Active Performance Shirt

Product: Guroo Active
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Kickstarter End Date: Sep 15, 2015
Current Pledge: $2,594 of $15,000

Not all running shirts are made equal – and to be honest, they probably shouldn’t be. We aren’t all cookie-cutter versions of a prototypical “runner”, so it’s good when a company can accomodate all different sizes and still put out a quality product.

Guroo is launching a Kickstarter for personalized-fit workout shirts with separate length/size selections, so runners can get their snugness preference without some goofy length. Here are some highlights of what makes Guroo Active’s best fitting workout shirt unique:

Height and Build Sizing – Rather than using generic S/M/L sizing, you simply pick a length and a build for your shirt. No more settling for baggy workout gear or shirts hanging halfway to your ankles. Workout shirts can’t be easily altered by a tailor, so it’s imperative to offer better sizing flexibility than what’s currently available.

Sleek, Contoured Design – Inspired by modern superhero style, the shirts feature lines and seams that make superheros look so damn good. With just a little stretch, you get a naturally tapered fit that projects a masculine, heroic build. Yet it is subtle enough to attractively rock at the coffee shop.

Performance Driven by Data – Guroo Active was founded on the idea of research and data driving all our decisions and these shirts are no exception. They feature carefully selected fabrics with unique washes to provide moisture wicking, breathability, and extreme comfort.

Currently, you can pledge $44 for a shirt, with delivery anticipated for November 2015.

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