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Product Review: Balega Socks

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. We recently received a couple of pairs of running socks to try out.  Here are our impressions of Balega Socks. Company: 

Our brand is designed for high performance both in product and in service; and our company is committed toward helping our customers achieve it.

Our socks are the most technically advanced of any on the market. We strive to anticipate and respond to our customers needs.

There is harmony in the fit, feel and performance of a Balega product that enhances the end users experience.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative company. Creativity drives our products, our approach, our being.

Community is one of the pillars of Zulu culture. We strive to bring that spirit of community into our business and strongly believe that it is necessary to give back to our “community”.

When I first started running, one of the first things I said was that I would never spend a dime on a pair of running socks. I figured my standard cotton ones would do me juuuuust fine. Fast forward 4 years and my tune has changed. Balega is a sock company who offers a variety of different styles to meet a runner’s specific desires. These are:

Prices range from $5-17

Matt: I received the Blister Resist to try out. I find it sometimes difficult to put what makes a good product to words – especially when it comes to “simple” apparel like socks. I could get into technical jargon like:

  • The Drynamix combination is ideal to keep feet cool and dry. It pushes the moisture away from the skin and the mohair has the ability to hold moisture and still keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. The optimum environment for runner’s feet.
  • Hand-linked seamless toe for seamfree comfort
  • Specially constructed mesh ventilation panel to keep your feet cool and dry
  • High tab heel ensures that your sock stays in place, providing for a comfortable fit
  • Extra-deep heel pocket
  • Medium volume construction – not too little – not too much – just right

All of that stuff is great, but I would venture to guess that 85% of us would ask the questions –  Does it keep my feet supported and blister/hot spot free? Is it comfortable? Does it last long?  Those are the questions that generally cross my mind – the rest of the cool features are just icing on the cake.

The Blister Resist style obviously answers the first question. I don’t generally get blisters when I run, but it’s evident when I do that my gear just isn’t up to snuff. I have run in these pairs and have had no inkling of hot spots or blisters. They have also proven to be very comfortable. I do have a few pairs of running socks in my dresser that I tend to ignore unless absolutely necessary, as I know that they are a pain to get on and they don’t have the support I generally like. These are very easy to pull on (no unnecessary rigidity) and feel great on my feet. Lastly, these seem to be holding up as well as I would hope. I have run in them each about 5 times with 5 washes, and they look the same as when I first got them. Time will tell obviously, but they appear to hold up well so far.


I did it. The thing they say you are ‘never supposed to do’ during a race. I’m sure you all know what I am talking about … trying something new on race day. Yup, I sure did. I wore a pair of Belaga socks I received for The San Francisco Marathon 26.2 miles of goodness. Specifically, the Hidden Dry 2 (product #8948 in cool blue).

So why was I so brazen to try a new product during one of my epic races of the year? Well, I read about the Hidden Dry 2, and the product description simply ‘wowed‘ me!

  • Hand linked toe closure
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • Second skin fit
  • Low volume construction
  • Enhanced elastic grip construction in both arch and ankle provides ultimate support
  • Microfiber arch band
  • Heel tab prevents sock from slipping into your shoe

After clocking in over a marathon in these, I am very impressed. Very impressed, actually. I had no blisters, my feet

Jessica tried out these three gems; the Blister Resist product #8148 (left and right) and the Hidden Dry 2 product #8948 (center).

Jessica tried out these three gems; the Blister Resist (left and right) and the Hidden Dry 2 (center).

remained dry (and I had to jump through a couple puddles of water due to a water main brake on the course) when I took my shoes off after crossing the finish line, and … well, my feet just didn’t look like they had carried me 26.2+ miles. The Hidden Dry 2 fit my foot so well that it truly felt as if I was not wearing a sock – which is actually something I like.

Now, on the days leading up to the marathon, I tried out the Blister Resist product; the same as Matt did. Mine were in beautiful, female friendly colors – #6613 dynamic blue and #8894 fuchsia.

The Blister Resist is a plush, cushiony sock, and it keeps your toes nice and warm. Not too warm – but aids them in not being cold. These will be exceptional socks to wear in the fall and winter months. My feet were able to breath so nicely, even if the warm, humid like conditions we were experiencing in San Francisco. After running the marathon, I slipped a pair of the Blister Resist socks on as I recovered, and my feet were delighted to be tucked in the warm, pillowy soft mohair. I can already tell these will be my go-to, default, all the time socks in fall and winter. But, these are exceptional in the warmer weather, too, as the material keeps your feet at the optimal temperature; cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The Blister Resist proved itself as a multi-faceted sock that will work for all conditions I can throw at it.

Look for Balega socks locally, by using their search feature.

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