Kickstarter of the Week: TUNE

Product: TUNE Location: Austin, TX Kickstarter End Date: Aug 13, 2015 Current Pledge: $9,285 of $100,000 Website: The ability to track your running technique safely and accurately appear to be the rage in technology right now - and for good reason. We did a Kickstarter of the Week post on some insoles out of India that are in beta testing. Thie week's Kickstarter of the Week post is TUNE, a tracking device and soles based out of Austin, TX.

From their campaign:

TUNE measures tracks and compares the evolution of your technique parameters during your runs: ground-contact time, heel-contact-time and footstrike, in both feet, as monitoring only one foot would not provide the most relevant information: the symmetry behavior of your feet. This will change your running…for the better!

TUNE algorithms create a customized training plan, based on your technique evolution, to help you strength your natural capabilities. This is a smart training process, built based on proven coaching principles!

While the tecnology is WAY above my head, the process is relatively simple. You place TUNE insoles in your shoes which have acceleometers inside. The external TUNE device then gathers that information from the sensors and accelerometers. And fear not those who need insoles – these are so thin they can be placed underneath all your insoles. Following all that, the data will sync up via Bluetooth with the TUNE App, giving you rapid analysis of everything you need.

Following that, TUNE is able to recommend a training plan if you so desire:

TUNE uses algorithms that incorporate the best practical and scientific knowledge to analyze your running technique parameters, and to suggest an exercise plan customized to your needs. This helps to maximize your biomechanics to run well: your running technique. This is particularly useful if you don’t have the support of a running coach.

TUNE uses a database of hundreds of exercises grouped in several categories: Core, Foot/Leg, Thigh, Plyometric, Reaction, Technique, Symmetry, to suggest the right set of exercises you should performed for some minutes during each one of your training sessions, before or after your runs.

A pair of these will run about $229 and shipment is expected in December 2015.


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