Race Preview: Whine on the Vine 5-mile Adventure Run 7/19/2015 (Hillsboro, Ore.)

X-Dog Events presents Whine on the Vine, July 19, 2015 at J. Albin Vineyards in Hillsboro.

X-Dog Events presents Whine on the Vine, July 19, 2015 at J. Albin Vineyards in Hillsboro.

Calling all adventure runners!!! Do you salivate when you see the words ‘slip-n-slide’, ‘mimosas’, bodacious obstacles’, ‘trails’ and ‘fields of grapes (for wine, of course!)‘?  If so, keep reading about the Whine on the Vine 5 mile adventure race by the great folks at X-Dog Events!

Whine on the Vine is now in its third year! And! Your registration helps support the Newberg High School Lacrosse team. And! You get to tackle an obstacle course on at a winery! And! Don’t forget the slip-n-slide!

J Albin Vinyards, located at 19495 SW Vista Hill Drive in Hillsboro, will host the third annual event. Wondering why the race is called “Whine on the Vine”, with an “h”? Event organizers say you will find out on the course during this year’s event! I have a feeling the “h” stands for something participants will say as they tackle massive obstacles, hills, and many other challenges along the 5 mile adventure! I’m not certain, but I just have a gut feeling. (Kids, cover your ears!).

So here’s the deal. This adventure run will being with participants zipping through beautiful rows of grape vines with stunning views of the Cascade Mountain Range. You’ll travel over, under, and through some obstacles, then take to the trail run. As X-Dog states, ” … some portions of the trail you can run, others you can’t, and band aids and blood might just happen.” Reading this, I am fairly certain I have the “h” down solid. When you complete the couple miles of trail, heading back toward J. Albin Vineyard, you’ll tackle some additional obstacles. THEN! Then you get to hoot and holler as you tell the course who is boss, as you zip down a new, bold, slip-n-slide!

Hang around after your adventure to enjoy your complimentary mimosa (obviously, 21+ only with ID!).  Even bring a picnic and the family along if you want! Hang around to find out who will receive an award (bestowed upon the top finishers and age-group winners). A special treat awaits, too – J. Albin Vineyards will be open for wine tasting, for a small tasting fee.

This event sounds super unique and fun. Winery, obstacles, trail running, dirt, and a slip-n-slide. Sign me up!

Date: Sunday, July 19, 2015
Distance: 5 mile adventure run
Start Time: 10 a.m.
Cost: $30 (as of 6/22/2015) and $15 for an event shirt
Register: Click here to register

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