Book Review: Trailhead by Lisa Jhung – “The Dirt on All Things Trail Running”

As a guy that discovered running about five years ago and discovered trails about six months after that, I will tell you that not everyone is an expert when it comes to running trails. Certainly there are those who know a little about their favorite trail or a destination that is had by taking a trail, but to find someone who is sincerely a trail running expert? To be fair, here where I live, I have become the resident trail aficionado when it comes to all things trails and regardless of that tidbit, I have nothing on Lisa Jhung. I repeat, nothing.

With that said, it is important to point out that this book is many things so let me break it down for you.

  • This book is chock full of valuable information about running in general, but especially on trails.
  • This book will very likely cause you to snort something out of your nose as you read it.
  • Besides providing some excellent “dirt” on all things trail running, Lisa packs expert analysis, professional wisdom, scientific research and strong facts all throughout this book.
  • You will come away with an understanding of what to expect, what to wear, what you will see, how you should act, what you should eat, when and where you should poop (yea, I said that) and so much more.

Ultimately, Trailhead is a great resource for any runner who has ever wanted to know more about the allure of trail running but wasn’t sure where to turn. Or for the new trail runner who just wants to go deeper, Trailhead is an authoritative and witty read that will leave you laughing for sure, but ready to take on the trail with confidence.

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