The Costumed Runner Blog: 2015 Volcano Run 5k (May 3, 2015)


Pictured: Mel Ortiz . Photographer Maddy Mulhern

  Race: Volcano Run – May 3, 2015 Pre-Race Preparations I had made this fun volcano costume for Halloween out of a Chris March foam wig/hat from Target.  I hand sewed a poncho to look like the volcano itself with hot magma dripping down in the front.  I had a feeling this would be a great run costume someday.  It was light to run in and the foam wig/hat was something you can see miles ahead and behind. Like fate I received an email announcing this inaugural 5K run and half marathon from Run with Paula with a Volcano theme at the Volcanoes stadium in Keizer, Oregon. I had done her inaugural Goddess Run at the Bridge of the Gods earlier in the year and new it would be both fun and highly organized. 

Pictured (Left to Right): Maddy Mulhern and Mel Ortiz. Photographer: Run with Paula Volunteer

The Day of the Race

To my surprise I was the only one in costume on this beautiful sunny Sunday morning in May.  My longtime friend Maddy decided to wear her red t-shirt to at least go with my volcano.

Many people smiled and even someone who volunteered for Run with Paula ran over to take our photo. A young child thought we were the official mascot for the Volcanoes and I just smiled.

The course was flat and ran alongside I5 and the new strip mall Keizer Station.  It was an easy out and back.   Those doing the half marathon had to be bused to the start line at Willamette Mission State Park.

For more information about this run and results you can find that information via this link at:

The costume was perfect and light to run in. I was surprised to get this wonderful medal and will definitely do this run again next year.  Who knows maybe I may have to do the half marathon.

Pictured: The Volcano Half Marathon and 5K medal.


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