Small Race Preview: Run To The Ruts – Baker City, OR

Looking for a really inexpensive race? How about $15, which includes a shirt?! Granted, the race is in Baker City, but have you been to Baker City? It’s beautiful there and the people are wonderful. It is kind of a small town though. How small is it you ask? This website states that the race “starts in the 3rd parking lot”…I’ll leave it for you to decide how small the town is. As for me, any race that promises breakfast burritos is usually a winner in my book.

As for the races, most of the course is on trail or gravel road and a good portion is on BLM trails. The views are amazing to boot and if the weather is good, which it usually is in early June, the mountains will be out for sure.

Race day happens to also be National Trail Day and proceeds from the races will benefit Trail Tenders, which provides volunteer support for programs and special events at the Center (in Baker City), manages the Oregon Trail Shop, and raises funds for facility enhancements, exhibits, educational and interpretive programs.

When: Saturday, June 6th

Where: Baker City, OR

Cost/Register: $15, which includes a shirt. Register here.

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