Kickstarter of the Week: Stryd

Product: Stryd
Location: Boulder, CO
Kickstarter End Date: April 10, 2015
Current Pledge: $235,366 of $50,000 (Will be Funded)
Website: Stryd

Most of us have some sort of device that measures speed or miles when we run. Those are great things go have knowledge of, but the makes of Stryd have created something that many of us never really think about – the power of our runs. Stryd is the world’s first wearable power meter. It uses uses patent-pending sensing technology to give runners a way to accurately gauge run intensity, measured in watts, across varied terrain. Stryd also provides related metrics to help improve run efficiency. From their campaign:

What if there was one number that could finally help people run BETTER?

Every day, millions of people run. We run to stay healthy. We run to compete. We run for the love of running.

Yet, run training can be frustrating. While runners have metrics to guide them – from pace, to heart rate, to perceived excursion – the variability and complexity of those metrics leads to inconsistent results. Runners over-train. They fail to see progress. And they get injured at a higher rate than any other sport.

So, we thought…. what if there was one number that could finally help people run better?

And, we found it. Power, the only consistent measure of workout intensity, has long been the standard for training in cycling. A bike’s drive train is consistent, though. A human body isn’t. So, while measuring run power has long been viewed as “the holy grail” for runners, it has been elusive.

Until now.

Even with this new technolgoy, it isn’t going to render your other devices obsolete. Stryd will link up with your phone or smart watch to add another fantastic component to the info you already have.

This campaign has BLOWN past it’s initial ask of $50,000 and will be funded. You can get your hands on one for $149.

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