Shoe Review: Saucony Hurricane ISOFIT – the 400-mile update

imageRun Oregon receives and tests running shoes from time to time. This post is the final about the Saucony Hurricane ISOFIT, which Matt has been testing. This post goes further into Matt's first 150 miles with these shoes. Check out the initial posts here and the follow-up post here. Here is a reminder of the technical details: Specifications: Men’s weight: 9.4oz; Women’s weight: 8.5oz Heel-to-toe offset: 8mm Price: $119.95

I really can’t believe it has been 400 miles already. I have really put in a lot of miles quickly in these shoes and they have been great to have.

They are just now starting to show some wear in the heel, but not enough where I need a new pair. Being a notorious heel striker, this area is the first to go on my footwear. But even at 400 miles now, I don’t expect anything significant to wear for another few hundred miles.

Here is a quote from my last update on the Hurricane ISOFIT:

Unfortunately, I started feeling arch pain in my feet within the first 60 miles of trying the Hurricanes. Now, was it due to the new shoes, my feet closing in on 1200 miles in 2014, or some sort of combination of a variety of things? I suppose we will never know. I do have pretty sensitive arches, which is why I was shocked by my previous Saucony’s ability to be so comfortable from the onset. I purchased some Superfeet Green insoles to more fully support my arch…

Ever since putting these insoles in the Hurricane’s I have had zero foot issues. Zero. I don’t even think about them. I had a couple of readers reach out and mention that they experienced some initial foot pain as well, but insoles really brought everything back to normal.

Another quote:

The little “bootie” within the free-floating outer (or cage) of the shoe is something I haven’t seen before. The inner seems to stretch to conform to a variety of foot shapes and I suppose that is the whole goal of ISOFIT. They combined “a plush inner fit sleeve with a flexible external cage” so that it “dynamically adapts to each individual part of the foot. In other words, it moves with the runner’s foot in motion. If it truly conforms to the foot, I would expect to experience less blistering as a result – something that will be interesting to track.

I have had no blistering issues along the way and the fit has maintained perfection the whole time. Once I figured out the ideal snugness, it is simple to replicate and I have never had to worry about the fit around my feet.

Would I buy again?

This is, once again, a resounding yes. Once I got the whole arch pain problem taken care of, these have become my go-to shoe. They are extremely comfortable and a great shoe for racking up the distance and staying strong in the process. Saucony has done it again.

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