Race Preview: 2015 Dirty Dozen 5K Adventure

Obstacle course races are fun, but it seems many are scheduled in the heat of summer. I think Run Wild Adventures has the right idea with their event slated for April 18th. They definitely know what they are doing, as I attended last year and had an absolute blast. It had the casual and friendly atmosphere of a small town run with the organization of a big-ticket event. It’s a win on all fronts.

Here are some quotes from last year:

Crawling through a creek with blackberry bushes arching overhead was a little tougher than expected. Sliding under horizontal beams inches from the surface of four-inch deep water guaranteed we would get soaked. Walking across a water hazard on a wire while holding onto a rope was plain fun. Crossing a sand mountain (personal observation) four times while hoisting two twenty-five pound sand bags was brutal.

For those of you that are as impatient as I, here is the registration site. Use that to sign up for $35 now until April 17th, day of event it goes up to $50. There are 5 separate heats, not including the kids run. It takes place at Albany Motorsports park, which is unique, and also wanders into a nearby wooded area. Do not expect to come of this without at least a few scratches. Getting muddy and wet are also absolutes. True to its name, there are 12 obstacles on the course. Some are easy, some are difficult, all are fun. There is always an option to circumnavigate it if the obstacle proves to be too much.

As with any run like this, bringing a back up outfit and towel is absolutely necessary. I would also recommend a plastic bag for all the wet clothes. Time is totally irrelevant, but they will be giving out the standard overall and age group awards. Albany Motorsports park is easy to find, literally right off I-5. The April 18th event date gives you about a month to work on some cross training and mud running skills so you will be prepared. Run Wild Adventures will be ready for you, the question is, will you be ready for them?

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