Race recap: Mesmerized by medals – a Run Oregon kids recap of kids at the 2015 Luckython

I have attended every Luckython with my family, and it is a staple of our spring racing calendar. With three distances to choose from, a run for the kids, awesome medals and post race food, you really can’t go wrong. Of course, the golf course location and instant results don’t hurt either.

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Unfortunately, my wife and youngest were unable to run his year. To add to the fun (or lackthereof), I had recently broken my arm. Knowing it was necessary to take it easy, I figured it was the perfect time to let my oldest try her first 5K. She has run and biked with me before, and I knew she was capable of it, providing she took a couple walk breaks. Her sister cheered her on from the jogging stroller before tackling her first one mile, which she was very excited about as well.

The girls were excited to get their numbers just like the big people. We went to the rear of the starting crowd, to avoiding holding people up. Once we got going, it was a simple task of keeping her from sprinting and calmly weaving through the walkers. The sea of tutus, crazy sunglasses and various green regalia donned by the crowd was very entertaining for all of us. Each mile was marked and there was no danger of wandering off course. After stopping a couple of times for her to re-tie her shoe, a participant kindly stepped in to help, as I couldn’t do it. After that, it was mostly smooth sailing to the finish. Short walk breaks and a stop at the water station helped her complete the distance and I knew the way to assist was to be supportive without being pushy. I may or may not have challenged her competitive spirit at the end to see how she would react. The shiny finishers medals made her day, as did the awesome and unique ‘My First 5K’ necklace they handed out. That is precisely why I wanted her to start with an Uberthons event.

After a light refueling, it was time for the one miler. I was originally slated to lead it, but they had someone else so I could run with the girls. The older one was going to walk most of it, but the little one was bursting with energy. All of the kids were pretty wired, and we chased the rabbit around a well-marked loop with a small out and back. It was challenging for my 5-year-old, but she used a run/walk method and finished strong. The quality medals handed out to the finishers were awesome and the kids could not stop looking at them.

Then it was time for a well deserved rest and food break. We loaded up on the awesome baked potato bar, adding beans, bacon, vegetables, and cheese. They raffled off some random prizes, and announced the overall and age group winners. A table held three screens that allowed participants to look up results and get a printout. This was a great family morning and a flawless event. Hopefully next year my whole brood can make it and ensure the tradition carries on.

You can check out the complete results for the day on the Uberthons results page

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