Race Preview: 2015 Discover Spring Run 5k & 10k

There is a special place in my heart for local races, especially ones that are organized well and have a great community feeling. Discover Spring, a 5K/10K race in my hometown of McMinnville is definitely one of my favorites. They have only been around for a couple of years, but have established themselves as an event not to be missed. A fundraiser for the local Montessori School, I look forward to it every spring.

McMinnville is a town of about 30,000 residents thirty-five minutes south of Sherwood. It only hosts a handful of races a year, and this one shows what I feel is the best side of town. Based at a park in a residential area, both courses stay on the west end. The 5K is a loop through some residential neighborhoods, on streets and along a paved path through another park. My favorite part is that it passes right in front of my house. Mostly flat, it has a few small elevation changes and a long gradual downhill towards the end. It can potentially be a PR course.

The 10K is a bigger loop, heading north and gives you a great view of the hills. It follows a paved walking path for a bit and then gets on the road for a moderate hill. Both courses are beautiful and easy to run. You can register online, or at the event if you arrive before 8:45. Both races start at 9 and there is a kids run at 10:30. Those under 18 that want to enter the 5 or 10K can register for $15, for everyone else it is $32.

So there you have it. Late start time, great courses, small town feel, and all the bells and whistles. This is a fun run to do with no worries of being crowded. Inspirational signs are placed along the course for that personal touch. The April 11th date is also a great time early in the season to shake off the winter stiffness. I would personally recommend this event to anyone, from the rookie to the seasoned speedster.

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  1. Online registration for the Discover Spring race ends March 29th. Pre-registration gets you a technical t-shirt if you are an adult and a cotton t-shirt for everyone under 18.

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