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The Costumed Runner Blog: Run Like Hell (October 26, 2014)

Pictured (left to right): Tim Fraser and Mel Ortiz as running lobster. Photographer: Madeline Mulhernu

Pre-Race Preparations The theme this year was “Under the Sea” and I had a feeling there would be many a mermaid and fish so decided to take on a crustacean aka Lobster.  It was perfect timing since I just bought at Target the new bevy of foam Halloween wigs by Project Runway designer Chris March. One of them was a lobster and oversized lobster claws.  It would be perfect for this race and to add to it I decided to pin a sign that said “Eat Chicken” to add to the comic value. The Day of the Race

I was able to see some great homemade costumes as I was walking to the start of the race.  It was a double treat to see a person dressed as a horse doing the free yoga prior to the race start.  The only one I wish I had a photo of was the man dressed as Sharknado.

Pictured: Runner with homemade starfish costume made out of muffin paper cups for baking.  Photographer: Mel Ortiz

It was also a little colder and wet from the morning rain. There was even a couple that ran by in the earlier race as the Titanic in two pieces.  I yelled to them all they were missing was the infamous “iceberg”.  This race is always deceiving since it seems flat but there is a gradual hill on Broadway when you start it and when you are on your way to finish it.  All in all it was fun and great to see a majority of Portlanders and visitors in full costume.

My lobster costume itself was light even with the oversized lobster claws and many runners were surprised okay startled when I would pass them on the left.  The “Run Like Hell” finish line was nearing and I felt a burst of energy come through me and clawed my way (excuse the pun) to the finish with the rest of the runners and cheers from the spectators.  This is a great yearly Halloween event and if you haven’t signed up for it before you should for 2015.

The link is and I can’t wait to see what 2015’s costume theme will be.

Pictured: Mel Ortiz running in as Lobster. Photographer: Tim Fraser


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