My Reason for Running the 2015 Race For The Roses for the First Time

Taken from Race for the Roses website

Everyone has reasons for choosing to register for a particular race. For some, it’s price. For others, it’s location. And for that very small group of people, it’s the bling. (Yes, that was sarcasm….we ALL love the bling!) For me, there are many reasons I’m looking forward to participating in the Race for the Roses for the first time in 2015. Here are my top 6 favorite reasons.

1. Running through downtown Portland

Getting the chance to run through our beautiful city without trying to pass people with serious glares, or getting run over by all the cars that are in a huge hurry to go nowhere is a plus. Getting to run through town and having a rare chance to enjoy the scenery or Portland’s many historic buildings, instead of trying to survive the road Hunger Games…SCORE!

2. Mimosas and food

I know if you’re a fellow runner, there’s really no need to discuss this further. ‘Nuff said.

3. Finishers Rose

     We all look forward to goodies and freebies, but sometimes it’s just nice to get something unique at the finish to mark a race. What better way can you mark a race through the City of Roses than with a rose!

photo taken from Race for the Roses website

4. The Expo!

This will be my first time going to a race with an expo! I’ve heard from many former participants that this expos is great! Lots of running related booths, merchandise for sale, nice freebies, and plenty of new running items to test out. I’m really excited to see this for myself!

5. Supporting Albertina Kerr

Albertina Kerr is a local non-profit that offers help to children and adults who are developmentally disabled or suffer from mental health issues. Since my daughter has an Autism Spectrum Disorder and my husband suffers from debilitating mental health issues, this cause is close to my heart.

6.Running a race that defines Portland.

A race named after the heart of Portland, through Portland, with finishers roses, supporting a cause that demonstrates the caring and giving nature of Portlanders…how could it get any better!

Photo taken from Race for the Roses website

As I said before, everyone has reasons for signing up for a race, but Race For the Roses is a no-brainer for me. Having the opportunity to race in one of Portland’s signature races for my first time will be something I will never forget.

For more information on this race or to register, go here. The price is currently $76 for the half, $52 for the 10k, and $38 for the 5k.

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