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One of our community bloggers, Annette Vaughan, had the idea to share a little more about ourselves through some interview questions she came up with. Take these questions and come up with more to interview your running buddies!  Today’s subject is Brian, a “small town” runner from McMinnville, about 40 miles south of Portland.

Many of you may recognize me at the multitude of races I have attended in the region, or have heard of me. I really enjoy the close knit running community and how we are all friends and seek to help each other out in times of need. So with no further ado, here is a little of my story.

Pacing duties at the 2014 Portland Marathon

Age you started running

13, I had participated in track and cross country in middle school, because they were literally the only sports where my much smaller than average body was not a major setback. I was a freshman at 13 and began to run year round after cross country season.

Favorite time of year to run (or favorite running temperature)

Fall and spring are optimal. Mid to low 50s and sunny seems to be the best environment to have a good performance. It’s warm enough that not a lot of gear is required, but cool enough that overheating is not an issue.

Pre-run/race routine/must-do’s

I love the pre-race drive. Listening to upbeat dance music really get me in the mood to run fast.

Post-run/race routine/must-do’s

Eat! The longer the race, the more I must consume. After halfs especially, I have a sweet tooth and thought the mini cinnamon rolls at the Columbia Gorge half were perfect.

Favorite race and/or distance

I really enjoy the Rum Run 10K in Tigard. Great, tough course and of course it is where I met and proposed to my wife (not on the same day).

Group running or solo running?

I try to spend Sundays with some local running friends and my wife, getting in a relaxed ten miler. Other than that, I generally run alone.

Speed work?

Speed work is a necessity to be competitive. I do hill repeats, track work, and tempo runs. I usually try to fit in two speed workouts a week.

Running pet peeve

I can’t stand when people make a right turn in their car without actually looking right. I have been hit a couple times and been involved in countless near misses due to this behavior. It makes sense that a driver should ensure the front is clear before pressing the gas, but a lot of people just assume and go.

Funny, embarrassing, most memorable running experience

As a high schooler, I was running in the boondocks of Idaho. I had never been in the area and the sun was setting. Heading back into town, I heard the clicking of claws on the blacktop behind me. Remembering a locals warning about mountain lions, I slowly increased speed without looking back. The steps increased pace so I snuck a look back and saw a dog. I was so relieved. He accompanied me the couple miles back into town.

What you do when you aren’t running or blogging.

I have a wife and three little girls to entertain me. I also enjoy reading and drawing.

Something Run Oregon readers don’t know about me

Before I took up running, I didn’t know any runners. It wasn’t until I started road racing and meeting people such as Joe Dudman, Beth Armstrong, and Chuck Coats that I had people to look up to and ask for advice. They have been instrumental in my development and growth.

With local legends Chuck and Beth at a race in Sherwood

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