The Costumed Runner Blog: Portland Half Marathon (October 5, 2014)

Pictured (Left to Right): Pirate 1, Mel Ortiz, and Pirate 2. Photographer : Madeline Mulhern

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Pre-Race Preparations

I knew I wanted to wear my new black running skirt for my first Portland Half Marathon since I have always done the full in previous years. The ever creative Amy Maust from Rock City Skirts sent me her “pirate” skirt that came with the black/red striped sash.  I had recently purchased an oversized pirate hat and hook made by Project Runway designer Chris March who created these fun foam wigs and accessories exclusively for Target.  Although both the hat and hook were oversized I knew they would be lighter because they were made out of foam.

Pictured(Left to Right): Madeline Mulhern, Mel Ortiz (pirate). Photographer: Fellow runner named Shayna.

The Day of the Race

The first thing I noticed when walking up to our Coral at Wave F, I essentially was the only gal dressed up.  There may have been a tutu here or there but I was the only full-fledged running costume on the course that I could see.  People would show their appreciation for my “Matey” running costume with a request for a photo or a loud “Arghhhhh”.

The weather was perfect and not a cloud in the sky.  My running buddy Maddy and I were making our way along the industrial area when lo and behold we saw a bevy of pirates near Mile 7 or so entertaining the runners.  They went bonkers when they saw me and the one with the red sash on his head yelled….”Yar…one of our own is on the course named Matey”.  To that they all ran to me and wanted photos.  I obliged of course taking in the sunshine and all this pirate love.  Then something wonderful happened.  A beautiful runner dressed up entirely as Belle from Beauty and the Beast ran up to me.   She was a fellow costume runner that I just spoke to via Facebook the day before.  It was a nice surprise to see her on the course.

We made our way a the turnaround and had to stop for a photo at the Mile 12 post.  My poor running buddy hit the wall but I kept talking to her saying we can finish this, it’s so close.  By the way my costume was still comfortable.

We can see that the finish was near with this oversized poster. It was a sight for sore eyes and for my friend’s case sore feet.  We made our way around the last corner and finished together with hands held high and clasped. If you haven’t done the Portland Half before I say sign up since it closes up quickly.  Lots of great crowds, fun entertainment, and fellow runners who want everyone to finish.

Pictured: Mel Ortiz. Photographer: Madeline Mulhern

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