Race Recap: Super Fun Hero Run 2014

On October 11th my friend and I put on our best Wonder Woman costumes and headed out to participate in the Super Fun Hero Run at Wy’East Middle School in Vancouver, Washington.  We decided to run this race the night before and were thankful that they allowed day of race registration, even though that meant that we did not get a t-shirt like everyone who pre-registered. I was a little jealous of the adorable t-shirts though and will probably plan a little better next year.

Super Fun Hero Run Photo Credit: Amber Corsen

This non-timed 5k course was a fun way to help raise money for the Vancouver Parks and Recreation “The Everyone Plays! Recreation Scholarship Program“, and the Columbia Springs Scholarship Program. We showed up approximately 30 minutes before the start of the race to register. They were very organized at registration. Packet pickup was at the same place and although there were no bibs (my suggestion for next year is to provide bib numbers so I can hang it on my race wall), they were handing out t-shirts to everyone that pre-registered. Since we registered so fast, we spent the remainder of our time walking around checking out everyone’s costumes. The timing of this race couldn’t have been more perfect; right before Halloween. There was an abundance of costumes everywhere and I noticed favoritism towards wonder woman and superman.

At 9am they lined everyone up for a group photo before letting us loose on the course. I didn’t look at the route prior to starting the race and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the entire course was downhill. It was a point-to-point race which means that we did not start and end at the same location. We winded through neighborhoods, ran along the scenic old Evergreen Trail, passed one water station along the way, and then ended at Columbia Springs. The finish line was the Columbia Springs mascot waving a black and white flag as people passed by to finish the race.

Super Fun Hero Run Photo Credit: Amber Corsen

The after party festivities were great as well. There were vendors out there passing out samples of products, letting kids spin their prize wheels and passing out information. There was a tent with free hot dogs or hamburgers, chips and drinks. There was a large tent for the kids which had fun activities like coloring masks and other similar crafts to keep them entertained. After all of the participants had finished they had a costume contest for the kids and then one for the adults. This was really adorable to watch. The judges had a hard time choosing which of the kids had the best costume – there were so many good ones to choose from.   Once the costume contest was over we hopped on the school bus shuttle and took a ride back to our car.

I really enjoyed this race and would recommend this race to others. I loved the sense of community and how friendly everyone was. Everyone seemed so happy and proud of their costumes and were not afraid to show them off while acting out their favorite superhero pose.  This is truly a fun run and not a timed competitive race.  This race is ideal for those that are looking for a way to get yourself and/or your kids outside for some healthy exercise while doing it in a fun way. I mean, how can you not have fun running through town in your best superhero costume?

Super Fun Hero Run Photo Credit: Amber Corsen

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