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Hey guys ran an alien from the 1978 Atari game Space Invaders. David said I should make the post funny but I got nothing. When I’m sad and I need a chuckle I think about Kim Kardashian with the shits.  (at Inner Sunset (the sets))

It’s a Space Invader!

For those of you who missed this on Run Oregon’s Facebook page (and if you aren’t following our Facebook page, why not???), Runner Claire Wycoff has an artistic streak, and her medium of choice is Nike+. She has many more pictures at that Tumblr site, including at least a couple that are borderline NSFW.

* What should you do with your arms when you’re running? Probably just whatever it is that feels natural to you.

running shoes* It’s the age-old debate, are there any common elements that we all should look for in running shoes? The American College of Sports Medicine suggests heel-to-toe drop of no more than 6 mm. Personally, I love my Saucony Kinvaras, which have a 4 mm drop.

* The runner’s grocery shopping list: among the recommended foods are a whole bunch of delicious items like avocados, bananas, beets, dark chocolate, hummus, mangos, popcorn, sardines, sea scallops, smoked salmon, sweet potatoes, tart cherry juice, and turkey breast. Mmmm, I’m getting hungry again even though I just ate – beet salad, in fact.

* Here’s another “ten best running apps” list. Number 1 is RunKeeper, which is my favorite running app, but there are plenty of alternatives if you prefer.

* Science proves “it really is harder for women to lose weight.” One reason: when a woman gets into a relationship with a man, she may eat as much as he does, but on average, men burn more calories. Even worse if he’s a runner. Or worse yet, Ryan “Mr. 10,000 calorie meal” Lochte!

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