Sexy Summer Saunter: A Fun Date Night Idea

Looking for a creative date night?  Tired of trying to come up with new ideas or places to go? Consider the Sexy Summer Saunter coming to Wilsonville on Saturday, August 23rd.   All the planning is taken care of, you just have to show up with your Sweetie ready to have some fun.  You and your partner can run or walk the 3 mile course through Memorial Park in Wilsonville.

Enjoy a summer evening with the run/walk AND the 3 stations along the trail to bring you closer. You get exercise for your body, while working on your relationship- I love this idea. Station 1 focuses on increasing your connection, Station 2 helps you work on adding creativity and Station 3 improves communication. Pretty unique. Single participants are welcome to join in, as well, for a fun trail run. Single registrants are only $25.

I also love that the woman starting this event is an Oregon Native. Kristi DeGroat grew up in West Linn and now lives in Tualatin with her family. She loves organizing events and started Eventurous Events to bring some new and unique events to the area.

Easiest date ever:

Invite your Cutie out for the Sexy Summer Saunter 3 Mile Run/Walk

Check the calendar for Saturday, August 23rd

Register a couple for $40

Show up ready to have fun at Memorial Park in Wilsonville- Run Starts at 6PM

*All registrants must be 18 or older.

Most importantly, be prepared for some fun, with the scenic trail run and after. All couples will receive a goody bag at the finish line to keep the date night going. I’ll leave that to the imagination but there’s only one way to find out.

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