An email from the Oregon State Prison Running Program

Post-race shot of the outsiders with OSP staff Todd Cooley (in blue) - Photo by OSP Athletic Club

Post-race shot of the outsiders with Todd Cooley (in blue)
– Photo by OSP Athletic Club

If you haven’t heard, I ran in prison this year. I even had such a great experience, I am planning on going back. We got an email from the organizer of the Oregon State Prison’s running program and I thought it was neat enough to post.

Hi again Matt,

Just a follow-up to let you know how much we appreciate your help promoting our running program. I took a look at the blog comments yesterday and was pleased to see so many posts. On June 14th we held our biggest event yet with over eighty participants including 12 guests. We have another 20 guests scheduled for July 18th. OPB radio came in for the last race and did a piece on running in prison. The piece was picked up by NPR and broadcast nationally. As a result, I have received applications from Los Angeles to New York. It all started with a complimentary post on “Run Oregon Blog”.

Thanks again, be well and keep running.

This email is the EXACT reason why we here at Run Oregon like doing what we do. We delved into our own reserves to get (and keep) this blog up and running. Our bloggers are all wonderful volunteers and we don’t turn a profit from our blog.  But we do it because we like helping local races, especially those smaller ones, gain additional participants –  our wonderful readers – and hopefully increase their participation numbers as a result. More participants typically means more money going to the charities benefiting from these community races. And that’s what we love to see.

We continually strive for more emails like this, so please continue to send in your races – big and small – to us. We want to work with you!

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