Race Recap: Cook Park Half Marathon, with full marathon and 5K results

The Cook Park Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K occurred this past Sunday, July 6th. Unique in the aspect that all three races were held within the park, it was a nice low key way to wrap up the holiday weekend. As the final event of the Firecracker Triple, it had its share of Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics in attendance.

– Photo by Leyla Duechle Photography

Aside from training, I had never done a loop competition. I wasn’t totally averse to the format, but was unsure how it would affect the race mentality. Traversing trails that I had covered in the past during one race or another, the just over four mile loop was actually quite interesting. Starting by the river, it went through a short bark dust section that included a small climb. From there it headed east on the sinuous pavement trail. That took us to the loop in the wooded section that included another sharp but short climb. Then it was back on the path following the way we came, but not going back into the bark dust. There was a small out and back section before we went back across the main park area. We then crossed the road and did a long out and back on some bumpy blacktop that climbed and then dropped. After returning from that section, it was a little more blacktop path next to the road and back to the start area. The half marathon did that three times and the full twice as many.

Overall, it was a pretty decent course. With the turnarounds and undulating terrain, it was definitely not a ‘fast’ course. On the plus side, no sections were boring and the time seemed to fly. I ran about 8 minutes slower than my average half, and I would attribute half of that to residual holiday fun and the other half to the course itself.

The course was very well marked, but I found the complete lack of course staff, other than at the start area, a bit curious. The event was chip timed, and we were able to access the results about fifteen minutes after we finished. The was plenty of grub and fluids for the participants as well. It was a good day for the course, as three records were set.

Find the complete results here

Full Marathon Results

Overall Males

1. Kyle McDonald 22, 3:46:35

2. David Holmen 53*, 3:57:09

3. Ronald Homer 44*, 4:03:18

Overall Females

1. Hope Fox 40*, 4:02:45

2. Katherine Orr 36, 4:55:16

3. Jennifer Harward 43*, 5:17:44

Masters Males

1. Cliff Gill 50, 4:34:14

2. Tom Craven 67, 4:39:09

3. Bill Briley 52, 4:43:51

Masters Females

1. Brenda Gutmann 56, 6:07:22

2. Bernadette Schlueter 42, 6:17:49

3. Debbie Heiser 59, 6:22:46


Half Marathon Results

Overall Males

1. Brian Bernier 31, 1:24:08

2. Curt Mykut 41*, 1:33:55

3. Michael Allen 41*, 1:38:01

Overall Females

1. Kathryn Harris 49*, 1:55:34

2. Deborah Freedberg 52*, 2:00:25

3. Mary Ann Mason 47*, 2:12:11

Masters Males

1. Ron Preez 62, 1:56:22

2. Timothy Williams 46, 1:56:34

3. Pattric Langley 43, 2:01:20

Masters Females

1. Gail Henry 53, 2:12:33

2. Sandy Cobb 61, 2:20:17

3. Betsy Halvorson 40, 2:24:41


5K Results

Overall Males

1. Steve Walters 34, 23:43

2. Jeff Huber 34, 23:53

Overall Females

1. Susan Brainard 52*, 26:35

2. Kathleen Zaragoza 54*, 26:43

3. Elizabeth Garvey 44*, 35:29

Masters Females

1. Kelsey Eastman 40, 40:21

‘*’- denotes Masters


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