Race Preview: Hit and Run 5K – Have fun wiping out on this race in August

hit and run 5k

Unlike Tung’s review, I am not a big fan of the game show American Ninja Warrior, nor can I claim to have ever seem it.  BUT!! I have seen “Wipeout” and I LOVE that show! My dream is to be on that show, with my brother or husband in some crazy costume :P. I probably wouldn’t win..but that’s ok. The Hit and Run 5K looks like it’s going to be a a blast. I think it will be a wipeout with out the fun commentary. It’s a 5K race with obstacles to dodge, weave  duck, dive, slip, trip, and laugh your way through. And while you are surviving running it, it will hit you, bounce you, splash you, flip you, flop you, and catapult you unlike any obstacle course you have competed in before. There will be water, and Water depth varies by obstacle, but is no deeper than 3 feet.


Want to see it in Action? Check out this video:





Race: Hit and Run 5K


When: August 2, 2014 Several waves will be starting throughout the morning starting at 9 a.m. and continuing every half hour until 11 a.m. The last wave of the morning is for Parents and Kids at 11:00AM. (I believe ‘jids’ is 14 and younger)


Where: Portland International Raceway, 1940 N Victory Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97217


Price: Currently 62% way through the $30  tickets. At 100% the price goes up to  (I believe there is an option on Facebook to ‘share’ and save an additional $5)


Registration Link: Online here


Registration includes: T-shirt, headband, and goodies bag.


Packet Pick up: We have a free Packet Pickup event the day before the race. Race day packet pick up is $3. The time and place will be posted here as soon as we have them


This race looks awesome, but FYI: I feel it is my duty to warn you. As with any wave obstacle race, be prepared for some wait times between obstacles, especially later in the day.  Every obstacle course I have ever done has taken an hour to two hours to complete. So bring sunscreen and some patience and be ready to enjoy yourself J and have some fun!



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