Get A Clue is Just Around the Corner!

Get_A_ClueGet A Clue Scavenger Race is not your typical Saturday morning race and that's what we love about it!  Gather your running friends and team up to compete in Canby's version of Amazing Race.  If you're new to this type of adventure, here are a few Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from the Race Director to pique your interest in this June 14  race.  

What’s the route?  That’s up to you!  You’ll get a list of destinations/clues at start time and plan your route once you get it.  Please note: There will be a few surprises along the way.

How far will we run?  That depends on your route-planning and strategy.  But, plan on about 3-6 miles.

I’ve never been to Canby.  Will I get lost? Teams will be provided with a map of Canby and you may use your smart phone and even people on the street.  You will be fine!

What will we be doing at the different destinations?  Sorry!  I can’t tell you yet, but there will be a mix of mental, physical, and just plain fun challenges to complete at each location.

What if we don’t want to do all of the challenges?  That’s your choice.  You can skip as many locations/challenges as you want, but you won’t earn points for the challenges you skip.

What if we don’t have time to finish?  That’s OK! Do as much as you can in the time you are given.  Just make sure you get back to the finish area on time.  Time penalties will be given to late teams.

Can I run it by myself?  No!  This is a team event.  You can have a team of 2-5 people total and you must stay with your team at all times.  Besides, this is so much more fun with friends.

Can we walk it?  Definitely!  Walk or run.  Just don’t use any form of transportation.

How do we earn points?  Your team will earn points by completing various challenges.  Your team should also be on the lookout for specific items in the area that will be worth points, as well.

How do we win?  Earn the most points in the least amount of time and avoid penalties.

What do we bring?  Bring your smart phone, a small backpack to carry items, water (if you want to carry it), and your amazing team.

What do we wear?  That’s up to you.  You can wear a team costume or team shirts, and definitely wear comfortable running/walking gear.

I’m a serious runner.  Why would I want to do this race?  Do you enjoy speed work?  Since most of us don’t, think of this as the most fun speed workout you’ll ever have.

Can I get some hints about what we will be doing?  Not here, but keep an eye on the Get A Clue Facebook page for hints and teasers.  You can also check the website to see what participants did last year to get an idea about the types of challenges you may see.  Although, the challenges change every year.

Car Wash Challenge at Get A Clue 2013

Car Drying Challenge at Get A Clue 2013

Get A Clue Scavenger Race Details

Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014

Start Time: 9:30 A.M.

Finish Time: 11:30 A.M.

Location:  Horning Hall at Clackamas County Event Center, 694 NE 4th Ave., Canby

Fees: $30/person (subtract $5 for kids ages 12 and under)   through June 11

Day of Race, $35/person (subtract $5 for kids ages 12 and under)

Registration Site: Click Here

Race Website: Click Here




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