Holy Crap! The Dam Marathon is coming to Oakridge in June!

dam-marathon-logoWe are less than a month away from one of the more beautiful events in Oregon. The Dam Marathon (which includes a half, 5k, and Mountain Man hike) takes place in Oakridge on July 14, 2014.

The marathon circles the Hills Creek Lake in a clockwise direction. It appears that it will be a combination of road pavement and gravel (gravel between mile post 4 and 12) and miles 23-24 last mile will be on trail. The half marathon will be about 2 miles on gravel, 1 mile on trail, and the rest on pavement or shoulder of a road. Check out detailed course maps for the marathon and half marathon on their page.

The Marathon Man hike is 4.5 mile hike and/or walk up 2400+ feet to the top of Larrison Rock. The view should from the top should be amazing. And if the hike up is enough, you can get a ride back down!

Each participant will receive a shirt and medal. Following the race, stick around for rafting, live bands, food, and prizes! The race benefits the Fibrosis Healthy Life Foundation. I recommend following the race on Facebook for updates.

View of the lake - Photo via the Dam Marathon

View of the lake
– Photo via the Dam Marathon

A beautiful 5K (3.1mile) walk or run up Salmon Creek River

The Dam Marathon (Oakridge)

When: June 14, 2014 at 9am

Where: Green Waters Park at Hills Creek Lake

Register: Marathon for $59; Half for $49; 5k for $17, Mountain Man hike for $20

A beautiful 5K (3.1mile) walk or run up Salmon Creek River

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