Race Recap – Rad 80’s Run

The start of the Rad 80's Run Photo Credit: Amber Corsen

The start of the Rad 80’s Run
Photo Credit: Amber Corsen

On April 27th, I ventured to Mt. Tabor to run with 94 other runners in the Rad 80’s Run. Prior to the race I met with my friend to try to find the perfect 80’s outfit. After epically failing at shopping for the 80’s I decided to just wear “normal” race attire. Luckily, the rest of the group did better at their get-ups than me. The crowd was full of mullets, neon mis-matched outfits, fishnet stockings, leg warmers and side ponytails. I still wonder if they really wear this crazy stuff back in the 80’s but everyone I know insists that it is true. Weird.

The checkin for the Rad 80's Run

The check in for the Rad 80’s Run

The race started at 10am and I showed up at 9:50. I got a parking spot fairly quickly and went to a picnic shelter to pick up my race bib and race shirt. The race shirts were blue, which I thought could have been a little brighter given the theme of the race. They were still nice nonetheless. . At 10am we were off. The race course took us along the roads of Mt. Tabor and although I don’t think the roads were shut down to the public, I don’t remember any cars in the way.

The Water Reservoir Building at the Rad 80's Run

The Water Reservoir Building at the Rad 80’s Run

We ran around the giant Portland hill and passed the water reservoirs (with no urine in them I hoped). There were great views of the city and a beautiful stone building, which I think was part of the reservoir, to look at as we passed. Mt. Tabor may be a seasoned running area for some, but this was my first real run here. I found the beauty of this course unbelievable. The course started out flat but then changed to uphill (obviously) until the halfway point when we ran back downhill towards the finish line. I prefered this to the reverse.

Rad 80s Run Course

Rad 80s Run Course

There was no water station along the course, but luckily I had brought water with me so this wasn’t an issue. Once I crossed the finish line I was handed a race medal which was an old cassette tape on a ribbon – a cute touch to the event. Back at the picnic shelter I went to get water and food. There were only gallon jugs of water and no cups. I overheard someone saying that they had to run and grab cups but they unfortunately never showed up by the time I left. I wasn’t sure if chugging from a jug was 80’s or not, but I refrained from trying. The post race food was Voodoo Donuts. Although I’m sure I ate way more calories than I burned during the 5k. Soooooooo worth it though.

The Rad 80's Run Course

The Rad 80’s Run Course

Mt. Tabor is a gorgeous location for this race (and any race), the theme was fun, and with a couple logistical tweaks I think this race wil continue to be amazing. I enjoyed everyone’s enthusiasm for the 80’s and desire to run in tight neon spandex. Just don’t expect me in them!

Race results can be found here.

Rad 80's Run Finisher Food - Voodoo Donuts Photo Credit: Amber Corsen

Rad 80’s Run Finisher Food – Voodoo Donuts
Photo Credit: Amber Corsen

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