Run Oregon Guest Blogger Recap: Run the Devil’s Sandbox

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- Photo by Ascherl Industries

– Photo by Ascherl Industries

Sunday morning, May 4th began with torrents of rain in Lincoln City.  We were in Lincoln City for the inaugural Run the Devil’s Sandbox race.  When we arrived at the D River Wayside State Park, there were only a few cars in the parking lot.  I went to pick up our race packets and asked how many people were registered.   Only 12 was the response, but the race would go on.  There was a 4 mile and 7 mile course on the beach.

Once everyone arrived, the National Anthem was played.  Then, we all made our way to the impromptu start line on the beach.  The rain had stopped, but there was a sustained 25 mph wind from the south.  With an informal countdown and “GO”, we were all off!


- Photo courtesy of Kelly Uhacz

– Photo courtesy of Kelly Uhacz

My wife, Sara and I were running the 4 mile course.  We struggled against the wind. The wind was brutal!  Thankfully, the rain only returned as a brief sprinkle.  We made our way to the turnaround point and water stop.  Several teenagers staffed the water station and encouraged us on.  With the wind now at our backs, we seemed to fly down the beach. The sand was firm along the ocean shore and great to run on.  There were only a couple of small water crossings.

As we finished, we entered the rows of flags and had our photo taken.  The race director took our photo together after we finished. Everyone received a finisher medal this year and the first place male and female for each race received a larger medal. There was plenty of food and water and the race was to raise money for the North Lincoln Fire and Rescue Association.  Hopefully, next year this race will grow.  It was well-organized, for a good cause, a best of all, it was on the beach!

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