Kickstarter of the Week: ZED Footwear


Product: ZED Footwear
Location: Portland, OR
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: April 11, 2014
Current Pledge: $15,946 of $35,000

Portland-based shoe company ZED Footwear is in it’s final push to achieve its $35,000 goal to produce footwear for those who are part of the minimalistic running movement.

The vision of the company is to  develop a full line of Men’s and Women’s zero-drop, minimalist casual dress shoes. They also want to provide something stylish, are comfortable to wear, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The shoes weigh in at a light 10 ounces – something I can appreciate after trudging around in my casual work “clompers” all day.

The company will be making Oxfords as well as Loafers (both available in brown and black). The majority of the funds raised by this project will go toward placing the first order with the factory and it is expected to take about 3-4 months to get produced and shipped.

The Loafers are available for $90 and the Oxfords for $95. You can also pre-order a couple of pairs and save some money in the process. Keep in mind that this order will only be funded if it can achieve its goal within the next 4 days.  If you are interested, make sure you order today!



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