Race Preview: Run Like a Mother 5K Portland, OR with Swag pics!

Run Like a Mother Logo

Run Like a Mother Logo

The time is almost upon us and I am super excited! That’s right, Mother’s Day is going to be a special year for me. Why? Well first I am running the Run Like a Mother 5K and it will be my first ever Mother’s Day race as a mother. Not only that, but my husband and daughter are coming too and he seldom comes to my races. Which is ok, I love it when he does come and support me, and he always will if I ask. Afterwards he is treating me to Salty’s Mother’s Day Brunch! That will be my special expensive Mother’s Day Gift and I get to share it with my family. I figured I didn’t need a physical gift with the race, my family’s support, and the race’s awesome swag. 


2014 Run Like a Mother Swag

2014 Run Like a Mother Swag

Yes this year’s swag looks awesome. A Bag, a Shirt, a necklace (I love my bling!) and a flower. I really am hoping the shirt is that pretty aqua blue! I have several sparkle skirts it will match!We shall see, but I like the element of surprise too. I know there are somepeople who don’t like medals for a 5K- but I am not one of them! and I love the design.  


Race: Run Like A Mother Portland

When: Sunday, May 11, 2014 (Mother’s Day) 8:30a

Where: Liberty High School, 21945 NW Wagon Way, Hillsboro, OR 97124


You can read all the details in my previous post HERE

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